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What is the Brush Wizard?

Started in 2012 , The Brush Wizard is the hobby love-child of Michigan native, Scott Ferguson. It began as a place to ramble about all things having to do with the lifelong hobby of painting miniatures, as Twitter is rather limited on providing in depth content.

Since then it has grown into a place where you can find details on the projects that are in progress, in depth write ups on table top/board gaming products, as well as tutorials to help you with your own painting wizardry.

But, who is Scott Ferguson?

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember. As a child of the 80s I grew up with classic board and video games. I began painting models in the early 90s when my cousins and I discovered miniatures and Dungeons and Dragons. We each tried our hand at painting them and I was hooked immediately. In the decades since, I've become the go to guy for getting models painted for our D&D games and have even done a few commission jobs for local folks.

Sometime around 2011, I started posting my work on Twitter and since then I've accumulated a decent following and that's pushed me to improve even more, constantly looking to improve and make my next paint job better than the last.

While I've never been able to make it to anything like the Golden Demon, ReaperCon or Crystal Brush, I hope to one day and see exactly where I stand. That said, my painting has won a few first place and top 3 finishes in Facebook group painting competitions. Its not a huge deal, but it's nice.

So welcome to The Brush Wizard. Have a look around, I'm always thinking up new projects and new ideas for articles. You can also follow my antics on Twitter and Instagram.

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