Saturday, July 30, 2016

WIP - Kingdom Death: Distracted - Painting the Lady

It's been a pretty busy painting week. A few days ago, I started painting the female figure for the Distracted piece. It's been going really well too and I can honestly say that I am both stoked and amazing at how well I've done on the skin tone.

She is now all finished. I was planning on doing more WIP posts on her, but I really hit my stride and was too hooked on working on her. But that also means I get to do a showcase post and talk about the process as well, so this might be a longer post than usual.

By the way, this post features nudity and it's possibly NSFW. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

WIP - Kingdom Death: Distracted - Painting the Base

A few months ago, I bought my first Kingdom Death model, that wasn't part of the Kickstarter. It was a limited print run model named Distracted.

This Kingdom Death model is in 50mm scale, which is larger than most other miniatures I've ever painted. Kingdom Death models have a tendency to lean more towards the risque and Distracted is no different, but pushes the pin-up envelop a bit further. This model features a nude female sitting in a chair in her study, reading a book, it's fairly anatomically correct as well and not for young eyes at all.

So far, the chair is all assembled and the main base, chair and a stack of books are all painted.

Circle Oroboros Commission Complete!

The Circle Oroboros commission is now finished! All of the painting was done on Wednesday and I managed to finish up the basing just before I headed out to my Warmahordes group meet up. It was a fun project and it's always nice to see the owner's face when they finally get to see them in person.

I tried to follow the official artwork a bit closer than usual for these, though I don't use Priveteer Press' P3 paints. I also learned a new technique for doing the green on their armor as well, but the tutorial I was following seemed to only really work for larger surface areas and not the smaller armor of human size figures.

In the end, everything turned out well and the finished product was well recieved by their owner and the rest of the members of our group.

Lets get started by looking at the Warlocks in the set

Monday, July 11, 2016

Token Box Labels: Twilight Imperium

Tokens, tokens everywhere!

Twilight Imperium: Third Edition is a huge game and super token heavy. There's token sets for each race, each with their own control markers and command markers. There's Domain counters, Trade Goods counters, Fighter Supplement counters, Ground Force Supplement counters, Bonus tokens and the Speaker token. It all totals up to 448 cardboard chits, and that's not counting the plastic tokens that represent all the different ships, space stations and ground troops. It's a massive game, all packed into a 1' x 2' box.

Needless to say, I had to come up with a better storage solution.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Warmachine: Starting a Cryx Army

Whelp, I've been tempted by another war game and this it's Warmachine from Privateer Press. Now you might be saying "But Scott, weren't you also gung ho about 40k Skitarii and Bolt Action Americans? What happened there? What makes this I'm starting a new army post different"? Well, unlike 40k and Bolt Action, I actually have a group to play Warmachine with and that is the key ingredient of wargaming right there.

WIP: Krueger and Warpwolf Stalker Finished!

 Another quick update on the Hordes commission. Krueger and the Warpwolf Stalker are both finished now and that brings the finished model count up to 4 out of 6.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

WIP: Kromac Finished, Kreuger Started!

Time for a quickie little update on the Circle Oroboros commission, before I go off for Independence Day weekend fun.

As of right now, Kromac is all finished! It took longer than I had expected, but it's all set and time to move on to the next one.

SDE - Stilt Town Zombies Warband

When the Forgotten King Kickstarter was running, Soda Pop changed up how they are doing expansion packs. Instead of level boxes, like Caverns of Roxor or Von Drakk Manor, they are doing something different. These warbands include a paired spawning point, a mini-boss and a hero, instead of a the level box's spawning point, paired spawning point, mini-boss, boss and three heroes.

Warbands serve two purposes. The first is to give SDE players new options for their games. The second is to give folks who want to play SDE: Arena a jumping point, without needing to buy the entire game. Personally, I've never played the Arena game, but I get the reasoning. From the perspective of a Dark Consul player, it's always nice to have more mini-boss and spawning point options.

This set includes more minis to run alongside the Von Drakk Manor expansion pack and as the name suggests, it's all about zombies!

Lets take a look at them.