Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moved in, Unpacking and Internet installed. Setting up paints soon!


So last weekend, I moved into the new house and have been working on unpacking everything and settling in. I think I'm making pretty good progress with it too and only have a few boxes left that need to get sorted out.

Tonight, I'm going to finally set up my painting table. I bought a nice new 2' x 4' table from Home Depot and it'll give me a nice work area. So once that's all set, I can continue working on that Kickstarter Sophie!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guilds of Cadwallon GET!

Today my copy of Guilds of Cadwallon came in the mail! I'm looking forward to taking a break from packing my house and sitting down to play a few rounds with the girlfriend tonight. It seems like it should be a really fun and fast game. And since it's a CMON product, it's filled with all sorts of neat minis.

Unlike Super Dungeon Explore, I won't be painting these minis, since they are more like Tokens rather than individual characters.

Speaking of SDE, I just realized that the new Expansion Pack came out for it! The Castlevania Van Drakk Manor expansion includes all kinds of sweet undead, bats, spiders and 3 new heroes! Plus along side it, was also released 2 new booster packs; Herald of Vulcanis and Succubus Vandella.

Naturally, I had to splurge and pick up all 3. It's also got me wanting to finish up the base set after I finally move.

But, before SDE painting starts up again, I MUST do the Sophie miniature from Reaper's Kickstarter campaign. Which will be a priority, once I finally get my painting table set back up.

For those of you who are looking forward to progress on my projects. I apologize for the lack of updates. Apparently home buying and packing is a lot more hectic than I expected it to be. But I should be moved in next weekend, and can get back to working on this hobby of mine.