Monday, April 25, 2016

Tutorial: How to Paint Rocks

How to Paint Rocks

Welcome to part two of the rock tutorial. In the first tutorial we built the rock from scratch and now it's time to paint it! That's what this part is all about. In this tutorial we will be coloring the rock with a mix of paint and washes to give the surface color a bit more depth, rather than only using grey.

Citadel Battle Box

For years I've had a hard time transporting gaming miniatures and in recent times, Super Dungeon Explore. I've used ring cases, index card holders, cross-stitch floss boxes and small parts organizers, none were really optimal though.

Last year, Games Workshop announced and released a new set of carrying cases. The Skirmish, Battle and Crusade Cases. After looking them over, I knew they were the answer to my Super Dungeon Explore hauling nightmare and have spent a while debating on getting one. But I wasn't sure which of the two smaller cases were my answer.

Well, I am now an owner of the Battle Case, which is the medium size box. It is small enough to be convenient, while large enough to handle anything I'd ever need to carry. Here's my thoughts on it after using it for a game day and hauling SDE to the game store.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tutorial: How to Make Rock Formations

How to Make Rock Formations

I've tried a lot of different ways to make rocks over the years. From using actual rocks, tree bark, pink foam, cork and others. But now a days I do something completely different than those early techniques, and I feel safe in saying that the way I do rocks is a technique I developed myself.

This way of making rocks gives you a lot more creative control over their shape, size and even better, they are easy to drill and mount miniatures on to.It's messy, involved and not quick. But the results can be really nice. If you've been following any of my diorama projects, such as Trex, Araloth or the Colossal Skeleton Battle, you've no doubt seen these steps taking shape. But now I'm going to actually explain them.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Blood Rage Commission Finished!

Those who have been following me on Twitter, Instagram or on here know that all my painting time has been taken up recently with a commission for the new Blood Rage board game. It wasn't a full game job, and only the clan leaders and monsters were given to me to paint. But, now they are done and it's time to show of pretty pictures of each of them!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WIP - Blood Rage: Snake and Raven Clan Leaders Finished!

Two of the 5 Clan Leaders are now finished!

I'm pretty pleased with both of them so far, though the sculpts are kind of two dimensional. There are still a lot of details, but since they are one piece models, it's hard to get them to be dynamic.

Monday, April 4, 2016

WIP - Blood Rage: All Monsters are Finished!

Really quick update today.

All of the Blood Rage Monsters are now finished! Well, except for their bases anyway. Some of them were more fun to paint than others. But I definitely enjoyed painting the larger monsters the most, especially the Sea Serpent.