Friday, November 30, 2012

New Years Gaming Party, Means SDE Painting Marathon!

Looks like we are having a New Years Eve board game party this year. Which means I really need to get my ass in gear and finish, at least, the main set for SDE. If Roxor gets here soon (which is supposed to be shipping "very soon"), I'll at least paint up the heroes for it so all the players have a painted character.

But today has consisted of cleaning the house. My arcade project caused 75% of the house to look like a warzone and I really need to get things back in order. Once the cleaning is done, I'll be setting the paint table up again and will get to work!

All that needs to be done for the base set are a few details on Starfire and then painting up the Kobolds. I'm really torn on what colors to paint the Kobolds... I want to paint them like lizardmen in greens, but Roxor comes with turtles and they will also be shades of green...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Built a Cheap Light Box

I've been wanting a better way to photograph minis and decided to look into a light tent. Of course, I wanted to be as cost effective (read: cheap) as possible. So, I did a little Google search and came upon this write up on Digital Photography School. Using a box, some paper and white fabric I made a low budget light tent for next to nothing.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

KS Sophies Arrived! Now to Find Time to Paint Them!

Came home from work on Friday and I had a box from Reaper Miniatures waiting for me. Inside was the Liche level ReaperCon Sophie set and both the Urban Legends and Regular Kickstarter Sophie. The plan is to paint both of the motorcycles in metallic paint schemes. I've been testing how to do it with pearlescent acrylic medium mixed with my mini paints. I'm hoping they turn out as well as I think they will. But I need to order a few things before I get started.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kickstarter Sophies Are On Their Way!

Got an email from Reaper last night that the Kickstarter exclusive Sophie models I ordered are on their way. I was slightly worried when I read the email that was sent out, since it only listed 1 model and I had ordered both versions of Sophie and the ReaperCon set, but the email only listed the regular KS Sophie model.

So I tossed an email back to Reaper asking about it and Kit quickly replied:

"An error in the mail routine truncated the extras. You'll be receiving the other things as well. My apologies for the confusion."

Well, that's a relief. Now I just need to find time to work on both of the Kickstarter models. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the motorcycle. I just hope it turns out better than my original tests.

Friday, November 16, 2012

SDE Roxor Update

Soda Pop sent me a notice today they will be receiving Roxor next week and that they will be shipping it out as soon as it hits their warehouse. I love their product, but sometimes they test my patience.

The shipping of Roxor is good news and bad news. I still haven't been able to finish painting the base set. But as soon as I am done with this arcade cab I plan on polishing off the base set. All I need to do is finish Starfire and the Kobolds...

But I can't wait to paint up Roxor. Its all Fire Elementals and Turtles. And I already know how I want to paint them up!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Relic Knights Pledge Manager Launched!

Cool Mini or Not finally sent out the emails containing the link to their Pledge Manager for the Relic Knights Kickstarter. Of course, I have to wait a little bit in order to finalize my order though.
But, I'm planning on getting one of everything available mini wise. Both so I can paint them all up, and so I can lure my friends into playing. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting on Kickstarter Sophies

Reaper announced a few days ago that they hope to start shipping the Sophie Kickstarter minis soon. I really can't wait, I've been doing tests for a bit on how to make pearlescent paint for her motorcycle. Plus I have another idea on how to do a few other details on her. They offered up 2 different versions of her during the KS and of course I had to go with both of them.

These models caused me to do some major research on how to improve my technique on painting skin. Which lead me to this pretty awesome (and NSFW) tutorial on Skank Game. And that lead me to use those techniques on all my Super Dungeon Explore heroes and on this succubus... this is probably the best skin paint job I've ever done and I'm really pleased with how this whole figure turned out. (NSFW nekkid succubus after the break)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silas WIP - Adding Water to the Swamp!

Instant Water? Lets hope so.
As I posted earlier I was planning on using Envoritex Lite for the water effects in the swamp base. Well today I decided to finally pull the trigger on using it. It's a 2 part system, and you need to mix an epoxy resin with a hardening agent. Then once mixed, you can just pour it on to whatever you are varnishing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Silas WIP - Painting the Mini

Found some time to start painting the mini for Silas, since I was stuck at a roadblock while working on the big project. Like I said before, he's a half-drow and a rogue for my player character in Pathfinder. With being a stealther in mind, I wanted to keep with toned down colors, since bright colors don't aid in hiding. I finally decided on Purple and Dark Teal as the main colors. Normally I like to paint my rogues with dark armor, but considering his skin is dark and the other colors are dark I went with standard brown leather. Plus his bow is darkwood and that adds to the overall darkness of the mini, so lighter armor color will give it some kind of balance.