Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Stay Tuned, True Believers!

Oh boy, it's been well over a year since I last posted anything to the ol' blog. Shame, shame. But while I haven't been posting any new content to this little ol' site, I have been anything but idle. In the year plus since I started playing Marvel Crisis Protocol I've become something of a terrain hoarder. 

Previously, I shared an article explaining my plans to build custom boards that interconnect with each other as well as an industrial board that featured many shipping containers. Well, that whole idea was a bit too large and it wasn't really something I could make a reality (at this time). Instead, I started working on individual terrain sets that I can use with premade gaming mats. 

The goal moving forward is to share indepth looks at each of these terrain sets, posting articles about scratch building some of their components, with instructions and even sharing pictures of the various characters I've finished painting.

I hope to get rolling on this all very soon now that life has settled down a little bit. So stay tuned!