Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 6/26/19

This week has been very busy with the testing of Contrast paints and working on writing articles for my new series, Adventures in Contrast. I'm deep into tests with those paints and will have more on that later.

As for projects that I'm working on, this week I took a break from army painting and used some of the techniques I've developed with Contrast to start painting Constantin Valdor from Forge World. Namely, his base.

Let's take a look!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Adventures in Contrast: White Marble

Welcome back to Adventures in Contrast, where I show you all sorts of little tricks and techniques
that you can do with Citadel Colour's Contrast paint system!

A few days ago I showed you how to paint green marble using Contrast from Citadel Colour. This time, I'll be taking what we learned there and applying it to do white marble instead.

This technique uses a few regular paints to get the proper effect, namely Rhinox Hide and White. But it is still all thanks to Contrast and how these new paints work.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Adventures in Contrast: Green Marble

Welcome back to Adventures in Contrast, where I show you all sorts of little tricks and techniques that you can do with Citadel Colour's Contrast paint system!

Originally, I had planned on doing the next article on Gemstones. But I was just too hyped for this technique. So instead in this article, I will be going over something very, very cool; green marble.

Marble is always something that has eluded me. I've tried doing it before with traditional brushwork and I never liked the results. I've seen folks doing marble with airbrushes, but until recently I didn't have access to one.

Then, along comes Contrast and it hits me, we can use the transparency of this new paint system to make marble in a stupid easy way. Marble wiithout needing to airbrush or hand paint the veins is possible and easier than ever.

All other testing and painting of models halted while I went to work figuring out the technique. The resulting finished product looks like actual marble and thanks to the miracle of cling wrap and sponges we have a true random pattern on the surface.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Adventures in Contrast: Introduction & Candied Metallic Armor

... and now for something completely different!

On the 15th of June Games Workshop finally released their new Citadel Colour Contrast paint range. I have been very keen to work with them, put them through their paces and see if the hype is real or not.

Excited for this new paint system, I bought the entire range of 36 Contrast colors, both pots and spray cans of Grey Seer and Wraithbone base colors, as well as Contrast Medium. I cracked open the Monolith Conan board game to use as a testing ground and went to work.

My main goal of this series is not so much to review these new paints. With all of the videos and other previews and testimonials floating around I'm sure you've no doubt seen reviews of Contrast already. Especially if you're on this site and in the Warhammer/Miniatures painting community.

Instead, I am going to put these paints to the test and see what we can do with them other than speed painting armies.

Let's see what this stuff can do!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 6/19/19

It's been a busy week this week!

I was able to build a new HQ unit for the Death Riders project and on Saturday Citadel's new Contrast line of paint came out and I've been hooked on playing with it ever since.

Let's take a look!

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Relic of Smaerd: Fleeing the City

As of last week, the 82nd has obtained the Relic of Smaerd and is now on the run from the Sisters of
Battle as they try to bring it to a secure location.

This week's battle is Running Battle from the Vigilus Defiant campaign. The armies have been built to 1,000 points and are heavy on vehicles in order to capture the feel of a high speed chase through the ruins of the city of Smaerd.

In Running Battle, the models and terrain all slide down the table 6" at the start of each round, after the first. To capture the feel of moving through the city, we started putting more natural looking terrain down at the beginning of turn 3. That way it felt like they had reached the edge of town and were nearly away.

Will the Steel Legion secure the Relic? Or will Celetine's Battle Sisters seize control of it?

Find out below!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 6/12/19

It's time for this week's progress update! I had originally planned to do a bunch of hobby on Sunday, but was sidelined with sickness. I did manage to do one of the riders, but was so out of it that trying to do all of them was a no go.

The rest of the riders were finished on Monday after I was fully recuperated.

Let's take a look.

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Relic of Smaerd: Obtaining the Relic

Last Wednesday night my friend Daryl and I had a 1,000 point game of Warhammer 40k using my Steel Legion and his new Sisters of Battle army. We played the scenario "The Relic" from the core rulebook and it was a blast.

We started talking about it afterwards and decided to do a narrative rivalry between the two armies over who controls this relic of the Imperium.

I've decided to write up what happened in each game, not so much as a turn by turn battle report but as a journal of events. Keep in mind, that while my army is pretty well assembled and battle ready, his is a deep work in progress and he is still waiting on the new models to release.

As such there some heavy proxying and grey plastic happening in his current army. There's also some on my end too, as I try new units out. But it's all pretty casual and for fun anyway. As we build and paint, it'll all look nicer, but for now it is what it is.

Cool? Cool.

As I mentioned earlier, this week's game was a 1,000 point match and we randomly determined the scenario, which ended up being The Relic. We went with base rulebook scenarios and deployments to keep it simple, since Daryl had never played Sisters before.

Deployments were also chosen from the rulebook and randomly determined. We ended up with the shallow triangle deployment zone, which has each starting area peaked in the middle and 9" from the center of the table.

Let's get to it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 6/5/19

Another light week over here as I relax a bit and recenter, before jumping back into projects.

This week I decided to paint up the converted Death Korps of Krieg Death Rider biker and see how he looks fully painted! It really tied him together and he looks like he belongs like this, that's always a good thing.

Let's check it out.