Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guilds of Cadwallon GET!

Today my copy of Guilds of Cadwallon came in the mail! I'm looking forward to taking a break from packing my house and sitting down to play a few rounds with the girlfriend tonight. It seems like it should be a really fun and fast game. And since it's a CMON product, it's filled with all sorts of neat minis.

Unlike Super Dungeon Explore, I won't be painting these minis, since they are more like Tokens rather than individual characters.

Speaking of SDE, I just realized that the new Expansion Pack came out for it! The Castlevania Van Drakk Manor expansion includes all kinds of sweet undead, bats, spiders and 3 new heroes! Plus along side it, was also released 2 new booster packs; Herald of Vulcanis and Succubus Vandella.

Naturally, I had to splurge and pick up all 3. It's also got me wanting to finish up the base set after I finally move.

But, before SDE painting starts up again, I MUST do the Sophie miniature from Reaper's Kickstarter campaign. Which will be a priority, once I finally get my painting table set back up.

For those of you who are looking forward to progress on my projects. I apologize for the lack of updates. Apparently home buying and packing is a lot more hectic than I expected it to be. But I should be moved in next weekend, and can get back to working on this hobby of mine.