Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reaper Kickstarter Rewards Arrived!

Normally for my birthday I buy myself something expensive that I normally wouldn't justify. Last year it was a pair of high-end headphones and the year before that it was a complete copy of Castlevania: Dracula X for SNES. This year, however, I didn't do anything. Mainly because money has been a lot tighter since I bought the house. There are a lot of things that went through my mind as I debating splurging for my birthday, but I didn't go with any of them. But then 3 days ago I got an email from Reaper stating that my BONES KS Rewards were shipped out, with an estimated delivery of... my birthday!

And they came in in time for my birthday! woot woot. Holy crap is there a lot of stuff in this box. According to the shipper it weighs in at 11.9 lbs! Each of the big models is boxed individually while the Mr. Bones, Bone Giant and the Pathfinder Red Dragon were all loose in the big box too. Then all the minis in the Vampire level pledge were packed neatly in their own box.

Super Happy Fun Box of Awesomeness +1

That's a lot of loot!

Some of these big minis are huge too. Nethyrmaul and Kaladrax are both rightly huge. The Skeleton Giant is pretty epic too. Plus the Pathfinder Red Dragon is sweet, but smaller than I was expecting. Not to mention... C'THULHU!

These things are huge! That Mr. Bones mini is about the size of a Dwarf.
Bone Giant, Wyrmgear and Pathfinder Red Dragon
Nethyrmaul the Undying! and Mr. Bones.
C'thulhu! He's a lot cooler looking in person. The preview image had me worried a little.

All of these minis are really well done and most of them don't have any strange bendy parts. I did notice a few, but according to Reaper you can easily fix them by dunking them in hot water and adjusting them. I'm really pleased. And the carrying case is pretty rad as well, I actually forgot I had ordered it. I think I might see if the regular size SDE figures will fit in it and move the big pieces into the standard SDE box.

This is great. I can continue working on a project I had started back during last summer while the Kickstarter was running (info coming soon). I still need to work on the Sophie motorcycle too. and that Pathfinder Red Dragon makes me want to make a diorama of the Pathfinder Player's Handbook. Looks like I'll have a lot of work to do for a long while. And now I have a lot of minis available for mod work. I'm pretty stoked.

Thanks to the folk's at Reaper for being awesome and putting on and amazing Kickstarter. I'm super glad to have helped out with it. And waiting for this stuff was well worth it. Thanks guys!