Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Do Not Pass" Gandalf

While working on the Mr. Bones' Graveyard, I was looking for some ivy for either around the tree, or onto the tombstones. After searching for awhile, I stumbled upon Hasslefree Miniatures studio in the UK. Well it turns out that they sold the ivy I was looking for, but they also had etched brass signs, manhole covers and a multitude of other scenery bits.
While browsing through all the stuff I noticed that they had street signs and in the batch was a Do Not Pass sign. Well, I instantly knew that I had to do this little project.

I ordered up the signs and the ivy soon after and continued work on the Graveyard. All the while I'd been planning to do this project eventually... but for the last few months all the parts just sat on the desk waiting. Like all things involved with Brush Wizard, it sat on the table neglected and it wasn't until I finished my Top Secret Christmas Present project that I was able to finally knock it out. 

I tried to keep Gandalf's color scheme as close to the actual Games Workshop example miniature as possible. The base is a piece of pink insulation foam which I broke around the edges and then covered with drywall filler. I've found that drywall filler is a wonderful tool and has a ton of uses. When used on stone, it helps give the foam that little extra bit of grain. 

It would seem that I am on a roll right now. I plan on working on the Mr. Bones' Graveyard next and have a long way to go until that one's finished. Also, my family's Christmas party is on Christmas Eve this Tuesday. Which means that I should be able post up pics of the Top Secret project soon!


Since I picked up the rotating display stand, I took a video of Gandalf as well. So here he is, for your viewing pleasure!