Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finger Painters - "2 Hour Challenge": Large Fire Elemental

After failing to make a showing for the November Finger Painters challenge, I was able to easily knock out an entry for this month's competition. The winner of last month's challenge offered up 3 options for the community to vote on. The choices were 2 Hour Challenge, Christmas Themed or Mystic Space Knights.

After a few days of voting, it was decided on a 2 hour challenge. Wherein the mini much be painted from primer to completion in 2 hours or less.

I chose the Large Fire Elemental from Reaper's Bones line.

I started by priming the mini with GW white spray and then had to follow up with some brush priming to get better coverage.

For my fire I follow a tutorial by Hot-Lead, which has really helped me with my fire technique.  Normally I would let the paint dry a bit more between coats, but for this one I had to work fast and ended up wet blending a lot of it.

I wish I had a hair dryer on hand for a lot of it, since the paint was really runny. A lot of the time I was holding the mini upside down over a napkin to keep the colors running the right direction. Which also meant I was losing paint off the mini too.

I managed to get most of the way though the usual steps within the time limit. But when it came to doing the highlights, I ended up fighting wet paint, which was a hinderence.

I might go back to him and finish up the rest of the steps now that he's turned into the group for the competition, as the upper section isn't as good as it should be.