Wednesday, December 6, 2017

GUTS - Chibi Sherman Tank

While working the Ninja Division booth at GenCon, I painted some German soldiers for their new line of WWII era minis, GUTS. I instantly fell in love with them and left with a Sherman tank and a squad of US HQ.

I had big plans for them, but eventually they all went to the back burner. That is until I needed to find something to paint on stream, after I finished Vlad the Impaler. On a whim, I primed the Sherman and went to work on it.

Since I never really have painted anything historical, I had to look up a bunch of pictures of Sherman tanks and see what parts of it were colored green and what color the treads, machine gun and front gun all needed to be.

I started with a primer coat of Chaos Black spray and then went to town on it with a base coat of Castellan Green, which was then washed with Athonian Camoshade.

After letting the wash dry I repainted the flat areas with Castellan Green and then started mixing in Warboss Green and White to highlight it up.

The machine gun proved to be a challenge, because I couldn't find any good pictures of them that really showed if it was black or metal. I decided on black and did a simple edge highlight on it to give it detail.

Once the main body was all finished I started painting stars on it in positions that seemed to make sense.

Since it's a chibi, the dimensions are off, so I didn't worry about being super accurate with star placement. But I knew they needed to be on there to really sell the look of the tank.

Once those were done, I decided it needed a little something extra and painted a tiny US flag on the turret.

That's pretty much it, other than splattering it with mud, which was layers of Rhinox Hide, Mournfang Brown and XV-88.

It was really fun to work on and I can't wait til I can find the time to paint up the HQ unit.

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