Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 9/5/18

Lots of tinkering with Dreadnoughts happened this week, as I built a Redemptor and then used spare pieces from that kit to do more modifications to the Siege Dreadnought. Also, in the midst of it all, I finished the Blood Angels Terminator Librarian.
Let's take a look.

Redemptor Dreadnought
Friday night I recieved a Redemptor Dreadnought kit in the mail. I spent the better part of late Friday and Saturday nights asssembling it too.

This kit is ridiculously intricate, build wise. There's a ton of moving parts and each arm and leg is fully posable. The chest plates on the front of him open and close and the launchers on the sides of the chest articulate as well.

I had thought about magnetizing this guy, but decided against it. Mainly because I wasn't sure how to do the join at the main gun and I like this load out as it is.

He's a really cool model, and I can't wait to actually get him on the table. In previous games, I'd been using a Arminger for a proxy.

I don't hate proxies, but it is nice having actual models for the things that are on the table.

Siege Dreadnought
On Wednesday last week, the Ironclad Dreadnought kit arrived and I went straight to work on it. On Thursday, I played with some plasticard and tried making a beefier chest on him.

I didn't like the look of it, but after seeing the Redemptor's upper chest plate I had an idea to use the spare one on the Siege Dread.

It was quite a bit wider than the chest of the Siege though and I needed to cut it into pieces and narrow it up. In order for that to work I needed to clean off all of the iconography too, before cutting could happen.

After it was all cut apart, I used some bits from other models to make some extra armor plates for underneath.

It looks a lot better than the old version and he's super beefy now. I love it.

Blood Angels Librarian
Last but certainly not least I have the Blood Angels Librarian.

This fella has been in progress for months, when I painted his head and then set him aside for other projects.

He's mostly all finished now. But I have one added touch to do. I'll be edge highlighting his axe and painting his eyes with Lit glow paint.

I'm currently waiting for that to arrive, which tracking says is Friday. Once I have that I can finish up his video series and get it all edited together!
That's it for now. Next week I'm hoping to get started on a Baal Predator for the Blood Angels commission. I'll be hammering that out over the coming weeks.

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