Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 4/10/19

I have returned from Adepticon on a hobby high! In previous years I'd spend the following month working on nothing of substance and playing video games or something. This year, I rolled right into working on a new army!

Steel Legion of Armageddon!

I spent the week leading up to Adepticon working on some infantry and a chimera, and I've spent the past week building and painting Leman Russ tanks!

Let's take a look!

Steel Legion

In the weeks leading up to Adepticon, I was all caught up on projects for the show. But I got the urge to start on a Steel Legion of Armageddon army using Death Korps of Krieg models.

So, I picked up an infantry squad, command squad and a chimera. I painted them all up in the week before the convention.

Each squad of infantry has a color code, to keep them separate. The models each have a colored square on the back of their helmet to denote which unit they are from.

Their chimera is also marked with this color, with a stripe on the sides and a colored panel on the rear of the turret.

While at Adepticon, I was on the look out for Krieg models at the Forge World booth. But thanks to the con exclusive model, the line was insane and I didn't feel like waiting in line only to find out that they didn't have what I wanted.

Instead, I ordered another two squads of Krieg infanty, as well as some weapon upgrades, on the Forge World website.

Also, I picked up a pair of Leman Russ Battle Tanks. I also got a third from Hobbyistgirl. Giving me a pair of regular tanks and a command tank!

I've got the process of painting them down now too and can pretty much knock out a tank from start to finish in an evening.

They are pretty much all set to go, except for the commander model himself. I need to pick up the Krieg Commissar pack for him and get him set inside the turret.

Monday night, I assembled infantry.

For the most part the Krieg infantry go together pretty easily. There are some mold slips occasionally and flashing that needs to be taken care of, but it's not horrible.

The biggest issue with them is matching the arms with the guns.

The gun arm and support arm are marked with letters, and I assume they are supposed to match with like lettered arms. But some seem way off. So I just got them close enough.

So far I've assembled 2 squads of Advancing Kriegs and 1 squad of Firing Kriegs. I have to say, both sets are really neat. I am a bigger fan of the firing ones though, because of the kneeling troops. They have a lot of character.

Finally, last night I put together a 2nd Chimera. The goal of this army is to be fully mechanized, so I need transports for everyone.

I'm hoping this helps with survival. I've not played with transports yet, since Admech don't really have any viable options and the Dreadnoughts don't use them at all.

Tonight is my first game with them. We are playing a 1000 point match at the game shop vs Dark Eldar. It should be an interesting match up. 

Noise Marine

A few weeks ago I bought a Noise Marine to play around with. But I wanted to do something different with his head.

Thanks to Adepticon I was able to pick up a Goliath heads set and swap the mohawked helm for a mohawked head!

A bit of fitting later, I had a bad ass unhelmed Noise Marine! He's pretty sweet.

I'm not sure when I'll get to painting him though. I'm full on the Steel Legion train at the moment and not really digging painting power armor for the time being.

That's pretty much it for this week. Expect lots of updates as the Steel Legion grows!

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