Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Adventures in Contrast: Star Wars Legion - B1 Battle Droids

Welcome back to Adventures in Contrast, where I show you all sorts of little tricks and techniques that you can do with Citadel Colour's Contrast paint system!

The Clone Wars edition of Star Wars Legion arrived at my house thanks to my friend Dusty recently and I've been working my way through painting it all.

My main objective for this project is to paint the models to a table top standard, without worrying about spending a ton of time on the. Especially since the droids and clones all are pretty simple paint schemes already.

With that in mind, I'm using flexing Contrast paint to my advantage as much as possible.  In this article we will be looking at the B1 Battle Droid, the rank and file of the Separatists army.

Let's take a look!

The B1 Battle Droids I am painting are based on the bone color scheme that is common in the Clone Wars tv series and the Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith films.

For this color scheme we are going to let the base color of Wraithbone and  transparent nature of Contrast do most of the work for us! It's a very simple recipe, and gives excellent results too!

This all comes together in three simple steps:
Base: Wraithbone

For this, we want to start with a base layer of Wraithbone.

On the B1 Battle Droids I spray them with a light spray of Wraithbone while they are still on the sprue. Then, after assembly I give them another spray to fix any rubbed off paint issues.
Contrast: Skeleton Horde

The main color of the Droid comes from an all over wash of Skeleton Horde Contrast paint. This will give it that nice bone color while also shading the recesses.
Drybrush: Screaming Skull

With the previous layer completely dry, drybrush the entire model with Citadel Screaming Skull, which is a light bone white.

Use a nice wide and flat brush and give it a light drybrushing to highlight all of the raised surfaces. 
Layer: Black

Finally, paint the blaster rifle with your favorite black, mine is Vallejo Model Color Black, and he's good to go!

And that's it! A fully painted B1 Battle Droid painted in a quick and simple method that still looks great. That Skeleton Horde color does some major work on these models and all it needed was a bit of black on the blaster to finish it off.

From there you can weather and base them to your heart's content. I still need to add some weathering to this fella and finish his base. But I'll do that once the entire squad is ready.

So there you have it! Go wild and try it out. If you do, hit me up on Twitter with your results! I'm always interested to see what people do with these recipes!

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