Saturday, March 23, 2013

KS Sophie - Decal Update

I've been sitting here waiting for a shipping confirmation on my water slide decal paper, and nothing. I checked the order status on it and it was backordered. But yesterday I got an email saying it was completed! Which is a good thing, cause I need to do tests before I pull the trigger on using it on this Sophie mini.

Of course, I'm not home this week anyway, so work is hauled again. I did start gluing the pieces together, but I can't seem to find my green stuff, so I can hide the seam in the front tire. I may run home and grab the mini and a few important tools, so I can at least get some work done on it.


  1. This is much better news than nothing. It’s been weeks, I hope you already received it so you can test it on your “Sophie Mini”, and eventually finish this project of yours. This is an interesting project, and I’m looking forward to see the result once you’re finished.

    Jake Grant

    1. Yeah, I wish I could work on it more. I did do some quick tests on regular printer paper, but haven't had a chance to do any more tests.

      I'm still in the process of packing up my apartment and should be moving into my house in the middle of the month. After that, I'll be able to get back to work on this project!

      Believe me, I want to see the project finished too. And I'm hoping it turns out as well as I think it will in my head.