Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flingers Finally Done... FINALLY. Taking a Break from SDE.

Finally those stupid Flingers for Super Dungeon Explore are done. They are totally not my favorite mini in the box. Nothing about them really got me excited to work on them and they were kinda lacking on the details. I didn't get a picture of them last night. But I'll see if I can get one tonight and edit the post w/ it. For the time being I'm going to take a break from SDE painting. While I really like the game and want to see it finished. I hate, hate squad painting. So instead of continuing on SDE, I'm going to do a one off mini. I've decided I want to paint Reaper's Kickstarter Sophie, the regular version.

Kickstarter Sophie - Painted by Reaper's Martin Jones

I have both the Regular and the Urban Legend version of this mini, but I don't want to work on the UL version until I know that I can make her skin look just right (seeing as she's completely naked). I've done some work on skin, but when you're working with females, you need to make sure the skin looks smooth and soft. On male minis it's not so big of a deal, cause they are supposed to be manly and scarred etc. But this is a Succubus! They have to be sexy!

As for the bike, I've been doing tests for painting it, and I think I have a process figured out. I'm going to do a purple metallic paint job on the body and attempt to make it look like a clear coat. It seems like a pretty easy process and I figured it out from doing my last arcade cabinet project. In that project, I had to do a silver metallic on the sides. It was a 2 part process, with a base coat and a top coat. I figure I can base coat the bike in Purple and work in some shading. Then I can do a top coat in purple, mixed with pearlescent paint additive and finish it off with a coat of gloss varnish.

Anyway. Hopefully I can get started on that soon. I do need to buy new brushes though and the place I used to get them from has changed their brand and they seem a lot cheaper and don't hold up as well. I also want to order up some water slide decal paper for a few extra touches.