Saturday, May 4, 2013

Painting Area Ready to Roll!

I was able to clear a spot in the side room and get all my painting stuff organized, finally.

I took one of the sets of plastic drawers I had been using as a dresser for the last 4 years and filled it up with all my bits, tools and misc mini related goodness. Then I set up the table with the work lamp, and went through all my paints by color.

I guess I didn't realize how many paints I actually had. But some of this stuff is really old, so I need to sort that out. I could easily half that total if the old GW paints are dried out, like I think they are.

I also ordered 2 Helping Hands. These things will make gluing stuff like Sophie's bike, or the Relic Knights relics much much easier. They both have 2 alligator clips on them and a 2x magnifying glass. But I'm going to likely take the magnifiers off. I'll also need to wrap the alligator clips with foam and tape so that they won't mar the minis when I use them.

All in all, the paint area is coming along nicely. But I still need a better chair, as I am stealing one of my dining room chairs for the moment. Work should be starting up again soon, and I'll be able to get Sophie glued together on Tuesday when the Helping Hands show up.

I'm really looking forward to getting things rolling again!