Monday, May 13, 2013

Painting Sophie's Bike - Primer Coat and FAIL.

Painted Black and Ready for painting! Or was it? . . .
I was all set to get some paint time in on Sophie's bike. So Saturday before I had to leave for a wedding I put a coat of black paint on it to get it ready. Afterwards I didn't have time to work on it, so it sat until Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, after I got morning chores done and was wake enough to join the living, I decided it was time to get started painting the motorcycle. So I went in and mixed up some purple for the painted sections of the fuel tank and fenders. I had things going pretty well and then... I went set it down and dropped it. The front wheel and handle bars section popped off and set me back.

So, rather than continuing to paint, I had to set it up in the Helping Hands and reglue it together.Wet paint and all...

Needless to say, yesterday wasn't a great painting day. Maybe tonight I'll have better luck.