Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rotating Display Stand!

When Soda Pop posted up their Relic Knights Battle Boxes, they included a 360 degree video of all the models. For awhile now I've wanted a better way to show off projects, rather than taking pictures from varying angles, and I instantly latched onto that idea.

Since cash is a little tight at the moment, I decided to see if I could fab up something simple using things I had on hand. I found an old Kinex motor and set about building a stand using it and some gears... it ended up being unsatisfactory and vibrated occasionally. After about 2 hours of messing with it, I scrapped it.

The next day, on a whim I searched Amazon for a "rotating display stand" and found a bunch of them listed. The ranged from less than $10 to over $30, some battery powered, some solar. I ended up finding one that is solar powered and had good ratings for $4 with free shipping, I instantly ordered it up.

This little baby should work nicely!
It's got a 3.5" wide disc on the top and should work very nice for most small / medium models. Big things like that Dragons Don't Share II scene from Reaper's 2nd Bones Kickstarter will need another solution. But until that time comes I'll be ok with this.

Having a new toy to play with, I've decided that I need to make a video of it in action as soon as possible. Here are the results of it running with a few different models on it.

It would seem that I need to play with things a little more in order to get it right. My digital camera wants to continually auto-focus while they are spinning and it's not really working. I'll need to see if there is a way to make it focus in one spot and not try to adjust itself.

Either way, I'm happy to have something to allow me to make 360 degree videos now. And for $4 it wasn't a huge investment anyway.