Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kaelly the Nether Strider - Super Dungeon Explore

After a small break in painting projects, I finished up the Super Dungeon Explore mini-boss Kaelly the Nether Strider. This mini, while not really challenging required a bit more work than I was expecting, thanks to her huge ass cloak being in the way.

Kaelly's miniature is slightly awkward. She stands on one foot in a twisted pose aiming her crossbow. The
crossbow itself seems a little on the large side too. And thanks to her cloak it makes painting the underside of it, the back of herself and the floor of the base tricky to reach into. So, I ended up cutting her off of the base.

I liked the idea of keeping her a blue-skinned dark elf with white hair. I also wanted to keep the colors to a small selection. Her cloak is dark purple on the inside and lighter purple on top with orange trim. I originally was going to keep her armor to only greys but decided that she needed some other color in there too, so it's a mix of brown and grey. Then for an added bit of color her the collar of her cloak, hair tie and the bow on her chest are all hot pink.

Since she is a model from a different region, she and Vandella hail from the Nether?  (They are different colored plastic than Van Drakk anyway.)  It's been said that each region will be a different color plastic and as such I decided that each
region will have their connected models based with matching grout. As such the grout on the base is painted neon pink, to match their original model color.

Once I got Kaelly off of her base, she was really fun to paint. But I wouldn't say she was more fun than Captain R. So far he's been my favorite of the one shot models, and looking forward, while Vandella and Nyan Nyan are both pretty cute. I think of the single release small models, Captain R still might win.