Saturday, August 22, 2015

WIP - SDE: Von Drakk's Manor - Painting Continues

Paint continues to flow on SDE: Von Drakk Manor. I've gotten a decent bit done since my last update on it as well. But due to reworking my living room, things slowed down slightly. Anyway, I now have all the Skullbats done, as well as the Skeleton warriors, a single Rattlebones and Von Drakk himself.
First up, before I finished off the Skeletons, I painted up a Rattlebones for my How to Paint Bones tutorial. I still need to finished the others, but decided to clear the current load first before returning to them. 

Then, I was super hyped by the popularity of the Bone tutorial, I thought it would be a good idea to do another one. This time I snagged Von Drakk and painted him up for my How to Paint Chibi Eyes tutorial.

Then I finally moved on to finishing the Skullbats and Skeletons.

The Skullbats were easy, as all I needed to do was paint the bases. The Skeletons had a bit more work that needed to be done on them. Most of them were half painted and in need of more attention. But now they are finished and it's time to move on to something else!

Looking over all of the minis left, I felt myself unable to decide on which to start with next. That's when it hit me. I snapped a picture of the remaining models and went to Twitter, asking my followers to vote on which mini they want to see me paint next.

I let it simmer for about half a day and then tallied them all up. The winner is Nocturne, the Bat-Demon-Creature. He's Von Drakk's shape change form.

I'll be starting on him soon.