Monday, April 11, 2016

Blood Rage Commission Finished!

Those who have been following me on Twitter, Instagram or on here know that all my painting time has been taken up recently with a commission for the new Blood Rage board game. It wasn't a full game job, and only the clan leaders and monsters were given to me to paint. But, now they are done and it's time to show of pretty pictures of each of them!

Let's get started with the clan leaders, starting from first painted to last painted. Since each clan is linked to a specific color, I wanted to feature that color prominently on the model. This took the form of pieces of clothing and shield decorations, with the shields also getting a motif based on their animal mascot.

While painting each of the leaders, I also played with different mixes of color for their skin tones. For example the Wolf leader, I mixed Mephiston Red in with the Tanned Shadow for his base coat and then added my highlight colors to that mix.

Serpent Clan Leader

Raven Clan Leader

Ram Clan Leader

Wolf Clan Leader

Bear Clan Leader

Next up, the monsters! I enjoyed painting most of them, though the large models were more interesting and enjoyable to work on. The smaller ones were hit or miss as far as detail quality and ability to hold my interest. Since they are board game pieces, a lot of them are 1 piece minis, which means the poses are very two dimensional. 

Overall, my favorite minis of the set are the Sea Serpent, Troll, Fire Giant and the Dwarf. My least favorite are the Valkyrie, Witch and Dark Elf. 


Dark Elf

Soldier of Hel




Sea Serpent

Frost Giant

Fire Giant

That's another project down! The client I painted them for loved them and spent a lot of time showing them off to his gaming buddies in the store while we were playing other games. It always feels good when stuff like that happens.

With Blood Rage finished it's time for the next project, which is a Tabbybrook Mage for Super Dungeon Explore. I'm painting that as part of a chibi swap with @rallyfox on Twitter. You can watch the progress of that project unfold over on my Twitter or Instagram.

Until next time!