Monday, April 25, 2016

Citadel Battle Box

For years I've had a hard time transporting gaming miniatures and in recent times, Super Dungeon Explore. I've used ring cases, index card holders, cross-stitch floss boxes and small parts organizers, none were really optimal though.

Last year, Games Workshop announced and released a new set of carrying cases. The Skirmish, Battle and Crusade Cases. After looking them over, I knew they were the answer to my Super Dungeon Explore hauling nightmare and have spent a while debating on getting one. But I wasn't sure which of the two smaller cases were my answer.

Well, I am now an owner of the Battle Case, which is the medium size box. It is small enough to be convenient, while large enough to handle anything I'd ever need to carry. Here's my thoughts on it after using it for a game day and hauling SDE to the game store.

The Battle Case contains four foam trays for loading miniatures into it. Instead of being the standard grid of uniform rectangular holes, it has rows of zig zagging foam. These z shaped walls allow miniatures of multiple sizes to be carried, without the need to cut the foam to accommodate the odd size figure.

The trays are made to stack on top of each other with one tray nesting into the top of the lower tray. I really like this, but am unsure on how they will hold up down the road. I can see the corners of the lower tray ripping
out after years of use.

First thing I did when I got it home was to start loading up Super Dungeon Explore. I decided to pack in a 4-5 Hero game worth of minis and see what kind of free space I ended up with.

The good news is there is plenty of space for hauling 5-6 spawning points worth of miniatures, including
bosses and mini-bosses. I was also able to pack in all of my Rattlebones, Ghosts and Slimes for creeps. This left a few rows free in one of the trays and I was able to use the entire final tray to load up all of my currently painted Heroes.

All total I packed in 6 Spawning Points worth of monsters, a boss, 4 mini-bosses, 5 treasure chests, 5 Boo Booties, 6 pets, 16 Rattlebones, 16 Slimes, 6 Ghosts and 26 Heroes.

I really like the z foam design for this case. Super Dungeon Explore miniatures vary in size and shape quite a bit and my old Reaper Miniatures
foam case couldn't handle anything larger than a small based mini, and even then some of the more dynamic miniatures were a tight fit.

The z foam accommodates all of the differently sized SDE minis nicely, though some of the minis like the werewolf from Von Drakk Manor are a little tall and sticks up. But that's not a huge deal. Also, the foam compresses a bit when the lid closes and keeps everything nice and tightly packed. That's a huge improvement over the cardboard box I was using inside the original game box.

I'm really pleased with this box and it should see a lot of use. Especially if I can get games of Bolt Action, Hordes or other war games going. Not to mention, hauling around painted Ninja All Stars minis too, whenever I am able to actually get those painted up.