Monday, May 2, 2016

Ninja All-Stars: Son Goku Display Piece

I've finally painted a Ninja All-Stars miniature, but it's not one of mine from the Kickstarter rewards. This is actually a commission for a friend of mine, Vid Markes.

This guy is adorable and since he isn't using Goku for the game, we went with a display piece. I ended up following the official artwork pretty closely, but that's only because Vid wanted me to stick with red and gold as the main colors.

It's possible that this guy is my best chibi paint job so far. I'm especially happy with his face and the blush on
his cheeks. I was going to leave it at that, until Vid suggested freckles too and that really kicked it up a notch. The freckles really make the face pop a whole lot more, I may have to add some to a future SDE paint job.

The base was made using a Games Workshop oval base, cork, clay and scenic foliage. The rock was the subject of two recent tutorials on building and painting rocks as well, if you're interested in seeing how it was made.

And now, I give you Son Goku, Hero of Clan Yamazaru!