Saturday, February 18, 2017

WIP - Deathwing Terminator Captain: Chest Details, Cape and Left Arm Finished

More progress!

As of Thursday night I've gotten the interior of the cape, the rest of the chest details and the custom left arm all painted. It's actually going pretty well and while I know I've got more than 20 hours into the model so far, it doesn't really feel like it.

Test fitting the torso to the legs, while checking shadows and highlights
After painting up the last bits of the chest piece and doing some quick touch ups, I started on the cape
interior. I was't exactly sure what color to paint it though and was about to go with a dark green. But then it was suggested by my buddy Chris to do a red interior.

That seemed like a great idea to me, since I can paint red really well and with all the green on the chest already, it might have been overkill to go green.

since I hadn't done more than base coats on the wings, I mounted the mini upside down on a bottle cap with some blue tac and went to work.

To keep with the contrast of the rest of the model, I base coated the cape with Rhionx Hide, which has a nice red tone in it. Then worked up the dark areas with mixes of Khorne Red.

The lit areas I base coated those areas with Khorne Red and then mixed in Mephiston Red and Wild Rider Red. Then I glazed the area with Khorne Red and worked up the highlights again to give the highlighting a bit smoother transition.

After the cape was all finished, I glued the torso to the legs, making sure that the sword arm would be in the correct position and that the tip of the sword would actually touch the ground. Then it was on to the arms.

The exterior of the cape will be one of the last steps.

Head and Right Arm dry fit together for grins
For the arms, I decided to do the left arm first, which was a custom modded arm holding his helmet.

To start I glued it to a paperclip and mounted it into my pin vice drill. It proved to be kind of a pain to paint like that. So, after I did the shadows and base coated all the lighted areas, I glued it to the body.

All the bone areas were painted in the same manner as the other bone areas mentioned previously.  The shoulder piece seemed to be the hardest one to get just right. I am pretty happy with how it all turned out, especially the little shield on the shoulder pad.

The helmet was a little bit of a challenge, like the upper chest, it needed to be bright, but I didn't want to draw too much attention away from where his head will eventually be. So I decided to go dial back the highlighting on it a little bit. I might add in a bit more once I start going over the finished model for final touch ups though.

As for the details of the helmet, I painted the lenses with a mix of Rhinox Hide and Khorne Red and then subtly highlighted it a little. I didn't want to go full on bright highlights on it, because I didn't want them to look like they were glowing. Rather, I was trying to go for a bit of reflection as the light passes though the lens into the empty helmet.

Overall, I'm really happy with this guy and the progress I've made. Hopefully tonight I can knock out the last arm and then its just a matter of the head, wings and cape exterior. This is a fun project, for sure,

That's it for now, be sure to check Twitter and Instagram as I'll have updates there as they happen.