Monday, March 25, 2019

Miniature Monday: Captain Barbossa

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Tis time for Minature Monday! This here post be all about the greatest of pirate captains, Captain Hector Barbossa.

Read on, ye bilge rats...

Ahem, enough of that then.

This bust comes from Nuts Planet, I bought it for my girlfriend as a Christmas present. I had hoped to paint it on the sly before Christmas but without a way to hide what I was working on, thanks to my work area being in the living room, I had to give it to her unpainted with the promise to paint it asap.

But here it is the end of March and he's just now finally done.

I had originally planned on building a custom base for him too, I decided against it though as I knew it would only make the project go longer.

For the paint job I attempted to stay as movie accurate as possible, but that ship sailed after I finished his hat and realized it was supposed to be black and not brown.

I also got the color of the feathers wrong, I think.

The previous bust I had done, I had run into issues with skin tone and shading. When going into this one I was worried about messing him up too. I had quite a bit of anxiety about screwing up the shadows that it was making working on it very rough, but I pushed on and I feel like it is one of my best bust faces to date.

I had a good time working on the coat and other clothing. The bandanna in particular was a fun challenge.

I tried to make the white and other light fabrics look like they were lived in and probably not been washed in recent memory. As such there are a lot of brown, sepia and even green tones in the cloth.

For the gold, I decided to use a brass color that wasn't as in your face as the gold I normally use. Once it was shaded and highlighted it took on a more realistic gold look too.

The gold areas were kind of a pain, thanks to all the little grooves and texture in them. It required quite a bit of thinning to get the paint to flow into the details. But once it was tidied up and highlight, so nice.

One of my favorite touches on this piece is the use of gloss medium on the eyes and parts of the mouth to add a bit of shine to them. It's especially nice on Barbossa's lower lip, where it looks like spit collecting between his teeth and lower lip.

Overall I am really pleased with this one and she loved it. Her mom took pictures of it and shows it to a bunch of different people too.

This week is Adepticon! As such this is the last post until after I get back. There will be no Wizardry in Progress this week and very likely no Miniature Monday or Wizardry in Progress next week.

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