Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WIP - Araloth: Paint Hammer #paintchallenge - Starting on the Base

A few months ago I noticed a friendly competition happening on Twitter, it's called the Paint Hammer Painting Challenge and it's hosted by @paint_hammer. The premise if friendly competition with a single model, chosen by the previous winner.

It seems like a good time, and the deadline is usually a full month. Conversions and scenic bases are welcome too. So I figured, why not?

I knew I wanted him standing on a scenic base and I also wasn't going to do any conversions to him (Though I did cut off the rock his foot was on top of). I went through a bunch of planning drawings and nothing seemed to be good enough.

That's when I decided to just pop on a movie and play with cork. So, I took a spare wooden plaque I had laying around and just started stacking cork bits onto it. Eventually, I came up with this.

Once the cork was all super glued into place, it was time to cover it with clay. I use Crayola Air-Dry clay and it works pretty well. It does have a tendency to crack during the drying process, but it beats having to bake the entire piece. 

After the clay dries, I follow up the cracks with more clay and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and just cracks again. This time it did crack again, but after I had already used my spackling to rough up the texture. I'll need to try something else.

I do like using spackling for rocky pieces. It gives the clay a more realistic rocky appearance and is super easy to use. Also, it helps fill in cracks a bit. The picture above is from before it cracked again. This next time I'm going to try filling them with liquid green stuff to see what it does.


  1. I can already see this shaping up to be a really cool base. Can't wait to see it with some texture on it.

    1. Thanks Jeff, really like it so far. Hoping to do some water under the rock bridge too. I haven't touched it in a few days tho. Metal Gear Solid took over my hobby ltime this week.