Wednesday, September 23, 2015

U-Con 2015 - Schedule and Registration

As of  yesterday, I received my notice that the events are now up for preview this morning and that pre-registration has opened. Well with that I am now able to announce when I'll be running Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.

I'll be running games at 11 am Friday, November 20th and 10 am Sunday November 22nd.

It's a 3 Hero game, featuring the Heroes of the Forgotten King expansion pack. I'm bringing all 5 heroes, to allow Con goers the choice of their hero, but not overwhelm them with options as SDE currently has 52 heroes in their pool.

I'm bringing only the Von Drakk Manor boards, along with the Von Drakk Manor and Grabby House spawning points. This will cover the board placement mini game and give me options to make both games I'm running unique.

Minibosses will be Death Spectre and Gruesome George. But I might bring Succubus Vandella as well or maybe Beatrix the Witch Queen if she shows up in time and is painted.

I'm only bringing Rattlebones for creeps, but if the new Ghost ones arrive and are painted in time I might go with them as well.

Either way it sure to be a blast of a time.

There are only 3 slots for players per game, and I don't know how fast they will fill up. Registration opened yesterday, you can find my events here.