Friday, November 30, 2012

New Years Gaming Party, Means SDE Painting Marathon!

Looks like we are having a New Years Eve board game party this year. Which means I really need to get my ass in gear and finish, at least, the main set for SDE. If Roxor gets here soon (which is supposed to be shipping "very soon"), I'll at least paint up the heroes for it so all the players have a painted character.

But today has consisted of cleaning the house. My arcade project caused 75% of the house to look like a warzone and I really need to get things back in order. Once the cleaning is done, I'll be setting the paint table up again and will get to work!

All that needs to be done for the base set are a few details on Starfire and then painting up the Kobolds. I'm really torn on what colors to paint the Kobolds... I want to paint them like lizardmen in greens, but Roxor comes with turtles and they will also be shades of green...