Friday, November 2, 2012

Silas WIP - Painting the Mini

Found some time to start painting the mini for Silas, since I was stuck at a roadblock while working on the big project. Like I said before, he's a half-drow and a rogue for my player character in Pathfinder. With being a stealther in mind, I wanted to keep with toned down colors, since bright colors don't aid in hiding. I finally decided on Purple and Dark Teal as the main colors. Normally I like to paint my rogues with dark armor, but considering his skin is dark and the other colors are dark I went with standard brown leather. Plus his bow is darkwood and that adds to the overall darkness of the mini, so lighter armor color will give it some kind of balance.

Side view. Sadly this is the best shot I can get w/o using a light box.
Unfortunately I don't have the tools to take a well lit and decent picture of the progress thus far. The above picture is the best I could get after 15 minutes of adjusting the lamp and settings on my phone's camera (I left my real camera at home). The cloak and tunic are pretty much done and I think the leather is close to finished, but once it's ready I'll be covering it with some gloss varnish to give it a bit of a shine. Once the main colors are done, I'll be doing some mud caking on the boots and cloak to fit in with the wet ground of the surrounding swamp.

And here's a quick little demo of how it should look when it's all set. Of course, Silas will no longer be mounted on the round black base though and I haven't poured the "water" yet. Again, excuse the photography, it's the best I can do at the moment.

Mock up of Silas standing in place.