Friday, November 9, 2012

Waiting on Kickstarter Sophies

Reaper announced a few days ago that they hope to start shipping the Sophie Kickstarter minis soon. I really can't wait, I've been doing tests for a bit on how to make pearlescent paint for her motorcycle. Plus I have another idea on how to do a few other details on her. They offered up 2 different versions of her during the KS and of course I had to go with both of them.

These models caused me to do some major research on how to improve my technique on painting skin. Which lead me to this pretty awesome (and NSFW) tutorial on Skank Game. And that lead me to use those techniques on all my Super Dungeon Explore heroes and on this succubus... this is probably the best skin paint job I've ever done and I'm really pleased with how this whole figure turned out. (NSFW nekkid succubus after the break)

My, what big... swords... you have.
These are possibly the best bat wings I've ever painted too.
I have a lot more practice to do and need to pick up some more paint and brushes. I havea 2nd release copy of Dennis Mize's Slave Auction sitting near my paint table waiting for paint. But I also have a diorama idea in my head for them too. 

I seriously have too many projects going at the moment.