Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kingdom Death: Monster KS Ends with a Freebie!

Looks like Kingdom Death: Monster ended at $2,049,721 and their final stretch goal was a free miniature! That's cool, and I believe it left the campaign on a high note. A lot of folks were grubbing for new stretch goal after the freebie, but I say end it without unattained goals. And giving everyone something for free is a nice way to end a successful KS, like a big thanks to everyone involved.

Anyway, it looks like anyone that is recieving a reward package of physical goods will be getting 2 free minis in their boxes. One for hitting 2 mil and the other as a Christmas present.

The first was the Twilight Knight, Who is said to be the first mini conceived for Kingdom Death. It looks pretty sweet and I really dig his sword. There is a long story posted as an update to how he came into being. Pretty interesting, and shows you the amount of work it took Adam Poots to get the ball rolling. Apparently it took 3 years and 4 attempts to make the mini you see below. Check out the update on KS Here.

Twilight Knight

The second is the 2 million dollar stretch goal. It's a White Speaker. I don't know much about them story wise. But I guess they are supposed to be bad asses, ha.

White Speaker
It's cool that both of these minis are added for free. That means for going the Options only route you'd be getting 3 minis for the $26 total. Not bad. Since I'm also getting 2 extra options, I'm almost getting 5 minis at $11 a piece. Which takes the sting out of the total a little bit.