Friday, January 18, 2013


Reaper posted a pic of their Nethyrmaul the Undying "miniature" dragon from their Bones Kickstarter. My god, this thing is sweet! And it's massive too. This baby is going to be the largest thing I've ever painted before, now that's a challenge in itself, but the other part is that it's undead... So I have to also paint necrotic flesh, which I've never done.

But anyway just look at this thing, it's amazing. 

But that's not all. Here's close up of the Green w/ a knight for comparison.

Holy crap. This dragon is giant. if you take the size of that puny knight standing along side his head, and overlay it onto the other image. You'll find out that Nethyrmaul is as tall as almost 9.5 of thoughs guys. MASSIVE!

This model has me super hyped for my box of goodies to arrive. I have every dragon they offered on Kickstarter ordered. But Nethyrmaul was by far the one I was most excited about. And it looks like that excitement was well placed.