Monday, January 7, 2013

UPDATED: Kingdom Death: Monster and Get a Special Edition Candy & Cola? Yes Please!

I've been super busy lately and the paint projects just keep stacking up... I've been unable to touch anything mini painted related. I did just back a new project on Kickstarter though.

But, I did just finally decide to back a new KS for a couple of minis. The Kingdom Death: Monster KS is rolling hard and fast to a slam bang finish. As of right now there is 9 hours to go on it and they have 1.6 million raised! Amazing. I think I may need to pick up this game when it comes out, but for the time being I am only backing it for 2 minis.

Soda Pop Miniatures announced a few days ago that in cooperation with Adam Poots (the maker of Kindom Death) their mascot Candy & Cola will be a special edition mini for Kingdom Death. Not only that, but KD Candy & Cola will also be released with crossover rules so she can be played as a Darkspace model for Soda Pop's Relic Knights campaign that I backed pretty heavily.

I really wasn't going to back this KS just for one mini. But I have become something of a Candy & Cola collector and couldn't keep myself for clicking the pledge button (I still need to find the minis for Tentacle Bento Candy yet too). I was going to leave it ay that, but when I saw their 1.35 mil stretch goal unlock, I needed to add to my pledge.. seriously, I know she's in a super tiny bikini, but damn those lanterns will allow me to play with OSL like mad!

Anyway. Here are the concept art and 3D renders for Candy and the Festival Girl. I won't be getting these until November of this year though. So it looks like I have a long wait ahead. But considering I'm still waiting on Red Box, Relic Knights and Reaper Bones. I don't think I'll be lacking for projects anytime soon.

Pin up Candy & Cola
Kingdom Death: Monster Pinup Lantern Festival Girl


After looking it all over I decided I also needed to get this mini below. Called Beyond the Wall, it shows a character hiding from some monster behind a wall, obviously. The way she's holding that lantern will make for some really fun OSL work and I needed to get that mini as well. There's no way I could pass it up. I've since cut myself off from going for any more.

Beyond the Wall