Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Dungeon Explore: Relic Knights Crossover - Completed!

This weekend I finished up One Shot, the final mini in the Super Dungeon Explore: Relic Knights crossover set that came out during the Relic Knights Kickstarter. Of course, I had to get them. It's actually because of the Relic Knights KS that I discovered Super Dungeon Explore. My wallet has hated me ever since.

The Relic Knights SDE mini set was originally meant to be a "Kickstarter Exclusive", because that's how Cool Mini or Not rolls. But after Soda Pop split from them, their exclusivity was revoked and they are now openly available, because that's how Soda Pop rolls.

It's a great thing too. I can't tell you how many games I've not picked up because I found out that this or that was an exclusive thing for Kickstarter Backers or Con Goers. Con exclusives especially piss me off. I'm sorry, but if you're going to release part of your game and only allow a select few people fortunate enough to buy it at your convention booth before you run out, I'm out.

Anyway, mini rant over. Lets get to the chibi!

Each of the main Relic Knights are featured here as new Heroes for the Super Dungeon Explore. Except for Kasaro-To, who is a mini-boss instead.

Unlike my other SDE pieces, which are all painted in schemes of my own choice. I knew that, like Candy, I wanted to keep to the official card art as much as possible. I think I was able to stay fairly accurate too. I'm not very good at precise color matching though, so there are some variations in hue. Not really a huge deal though.

My favorite of the group has to be Kisa, the cat-girl mage. While my least favorite is One Shot, which is sad because she's my favorite of the actual Relic Knight models. I'm also not a huge fan of Kasaro-To, but thats because I REALLY liked the original concept sketch of him, which was the same size as the rest and a whole lot more chibi. But he was changed awhile later into the mini we ended up with, mid or post KS, I can't remember.

If I had to place them in an order, it would probably be something like this:

  1. Kisa
  2. Calico Kate
  3. Princess Malya
  4. Sebastien Cross
  5. Kasaro-To
  6. One Shot
Now lets get a closer look at each of them

Calico Kate
Princess Malya

Sebastian Cross


One Shot

That's all of them!

With these all finished, I am now 100% painted on all of the 1st Edition Super Dungeon Explore minis. Now it is time to continue work on Forgotten King, which as you may already know has had some of the minis painted already.

Next up on the paint table is Beatrix the Witch Queen, which I am painting as part of the Finger Painters challenge on Facebook. The theme for February is Females, and she'll kill two birds with one stone. So keep your eyes peeled for that.