Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Announcement! The Brush Wizard is now on Patreon!

Today I have some exciting news that I can finally share with everyone!

The Brush Wizard is now on Patreon!
In recent months, the Let's Paint series of YouTube videos has become a passion project for me. I love making these videos and sharing them. Discovering new models that I feel would make for a fun project and also fun to watch being painted.  I have a pile of models waiting their turn in line and a bunch of new videos ready to be shared.

As a Patron you will be helping to grow the Let's Paint YouTube series. The hope is that with your support I can improve my recording set up with a dedicated recording PC and upgraded cameras, as well as select some really nice pieces for the show.

The Tiers

$1 - Brush Apprentice
With this tier you gain access to:

- Polls to help me pick miniatures for future episodes!
- Early Access to Let's Paint videos: Let's Paint is a weekly show, as a Patron you'll be able to watch Let's Paint on Monday, rather than waiting til Thursday.

$3 - Brush Acolyte
This tier gives you the same access as the Brush Apprentice, but also:

- Discord Access! I have a Discord server and I love talking shop with folks! Join me there and we can chat painting, games and other nerdiness!
- A Patreon Exclusive sticker so you can tag your favorite carrying case and show your support.

(The Patreon sticker is currently being printed and shipped to me from the wonderful folks at stickermule)

Patreon Sticker design
For the time being, these are the only patron levels. I'm not sure if I'll add to them later or not. I like to keep things simple, also I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

Patreon allows for goals to be set at different levels of funding too. I've set up a few goals for the page, they are:

($100/mo) I go through a lot of paint and brushes. I currently use Raphael 8404 brushes and Citadel, Vallejo Model Color and Reaper MSP paint. I'd like to branch out to different brands of both, for different hues and effects.

($250/mo) This show is nothing without fancy models to paint. With this goal reached I'll be able to pick up some really nice pieces to use on the channel, including larger scale, high detailed models.

Studio Upgrades!  
($500/mo) An upgrade to my photography area with new lights as well as new cameras for video recording in the painting area are definitely needed.  I've been fighting poor lighting and webcam settings for far too long.

Dedicated Recording PC!
($750/mo) I currently use a Dell Laptop on top of my painting desk to do all my recording. It is also my main PC, so if I need it for something else I have to unhook everything. With this goal, I'll be able to save up for components to build a dedicated recording PC tower that I can leave under my desk.

There's a lot of hopes and dreams in that list of goals, but it would be fun to hit at least one of them. It's exciting times for sure and with your support I can't wait to see where the channel goes from here!

The Patreon page is now live over at patreon.com/brushwizard and the first video for Sorscha is also up over there (it'll go public on Thursday).

That's it for now though. Until next time, thanks for reading!