Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wizardry in Progress 8/22/18

Alirghty, its time for the first Wizardry in Progress since GenCon!

It's been a rough start, getting the hobby train back up to steam, as I mentioned last week, but I'm now back at it and have continued work on the Blood Angels commission. On Monday, I got back to work on a Librarian in Terminator armor and also continued to record the process.

Librarian in Terminator Armor

Months ago, I had started on this fella and painted his face. But, in the lead up to conventions, he was set on the back burner.

With the convention season finished (at least for me, anyway), it was time to get back to work on him.

At the moment, the blue armor is just about finished, I just need to do some spot highlights and maybe a glaze.

The blue was painted using black, kantor blue and lothern blue. While painting the lothern blue on the edging I realized that I forgot to paint the armor with an extra highlight of caledor sky to brighten it up a bit more. I suppose I'm more rusty than I thought.

Once I was happy with the blue, I base caoted the shoulders with rhinox hide and then a mix of it with khorne red, a layer of khorne red and then a wash of agrax.

That was my stopping point for the night, and tonight I'll finish the shoulder pads and move on to other sections.

I dig him so far though, he should look really nice once he's all finished, that's it for now though.

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