Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Post-GenCon: What's Happening at The Brush Wizard?

GenCon is now long over and what a weekend it was! It was a good time, as usual, and I got to see friends I only get to see once a year and made new friends along the way! But GenCon being what it is, there's never enough time for everything and everyone.

I came out of the largest gaming convention in the country exhausted. The entirety of the previous week I was completely drained and tired, though I dodged the dreaded con crud. Most of the week was spent trying to recharge both mentally and physically.

As of this writing, I have yet to pick up a paint brush, and haven't done so since before I left for Indy. The studio is still a mess of scattered gear and my brushes and paints remain in their travel cases. I fully expect that my wet palette will be moldy as well. I should look into this.

That doesn't mean its been all slacking and nothing happening at all. I have a rather large backlog of recorded video for Let's Paint, most of which from my trip to St. Louis. But also of Takata the ninja from MidKnight Heroes. A backlog which I have been working on editing together new Let's Paint episodes!

In the time since GenCon, I've reworked the intro and outro for Let's Paint and have 2 episodes in the can for Kommander Sorscha! I'll be working on finishing her series up for the rest of the week too, so I can keep a nice buffer in place for future episodes.

Once I have the current backlog clear, the plan is to get started back up on the Blood Angels commission that has been put on the back burner. In that I have a Librarian and a Baal Predator tank, as well as (if I'm remembering correctly) a Captain. These will all be painted on camera for Let's Paint, but the normal troops will not be.

After that I have a pile of new goodies waiting their turn in line, some of which I shared from my Adepticon haul. There's a lot of interesting stuff coming down the line and I can't wait to share it all!

The posting schedule will likely change a bit too.

Miniature Monday is going on hiatus. I've been running dry of things to share on Monday and need to let that build back up a bit. So for the time being, Miniature Monday is going to be taking a break. I'd rather have thought out posts about projects and lately its been hit or miss. Or, I've been scrambling to write them or get pictures taken.

Wizardry in Progress will continue as usual. I really enjoy sharing what I've been working on over the course of the week and it keep the site active. So that'll be the main update during the week.

Let's Paint will still be on Thursday and I can't wait to share the new videos with you all. Next week I'll start showing off Sorscha and she's looking to be another longer series. If I'm correct, she took about 12 hours to paint, the same as Mary Fix-it. So she's possibly another 6 or 7 video run.

Lot of exciting things are happening! Next week kicks it all off.