Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wizardry in Progress 6/12/19

It's time for this week's progress update! I had originally planned to do a bunch of hobby on Sunday, but was sidelined with sickness. I did manage to do one of the riders, but was so out of it that trying to do all of them was a no go.

The rest of the riders were finished on Monday after I was fully recuperated.

Let's take a look.

Death Korps Death Riders

These guys are all set and ready to tonight's game! They still need to be painted, but that'll have to wait until the weekend.

I've had a lot of questions about what parts were used in building these. The riders are made using the legs of GSC Jackals, while the torsos are DKoK Advancing Infantry.

The bikes are obviously from the GSC Jackals, while the spear heads are left over from the Beasts of Chaos I built a while back.

For the spear shaft, I wanted something sturdy that wouldn't snap off while playing. Cutting the Beastmen spears in half would have been too fragile and I wouldn't have been able to play with hand placement. So, I opted for thin brass rod and it worked out really nicely.

You'd think that the hardest part of the whole thing was working the the lower section of the coats. But it was actually the arms.

I needed to do some creative cutting and realigning of bits to get them to properly hold onto the handlebars. Even more lucky, the Jackal's glove looks very similar to the Death Korps glove, so I could use their hands for a lot of things on these dudes.

Once the arms were rebuilt, I had to green stuff new elbows and where the arm joins the jacket. I was originally scared of it, but then I realized that it was pretty easy and had no real issues with them.

Another challenge was figuring the spear arms. Since I am required to use the DKoK arms, I needed to get clever with the positioning of them.

My favorite one is still the wheelie biker. But the jousting on is a close second.

I'm really liking how these dudes turned out and I'm hyped to do the next batch.

I have 5 more DKoK bodies to play with, but I feel like those will be even more challenging because I kinda cherry picked the arms for this set of bikers.

But I'm sure they'll turn out as well, even if it takes a bit more work.

I also have the ATV from this set of Jackals. I'll be turning that into a Death Rider Commander, since my group is OK with it being on a larger base than normal.

Rule of cool!

I'm going to hold off on the commander until I can snag a DKoK command squad and yoink the commander out of it.

That's it for now, this project is just getting started and boy am I enjoying it! Hopefully I can get more done soon.

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