Friday, June 14, 2019

The Relic of Smaerd: Fleeing the City

As of last week, the 82nd has obtained the Relic of Smaerd and is now on the run from the Sisters of
Battle as they try to bring it to a secure location.

This week's battle is Running Battle from the Vigilus Defiant campaign. The armies have been built to 1,000 points and are heavy on vehicles in order to capture the feel of a high speed chase through the ruins of the city of Smaerd.

In Running Battle, the models and terrain all slide down the table 6" at the start of each round, after the first. To capture the feel of moving through the city, we started putting more natural looking terrain down at the beginning of turn 3. That way it felt like they had reached the edge of town and were nearly away.

Will the Steel Legion secure the Relic? Or will Celetine's Battle Sisters seize control of it?

Find out below!


This is Commander Flash. We have claimed and secured the relic, though we took heavy losses in doing so.

After claiming the relic, we began our escape from the ruins of Smaerd with angry Sisters on our tail.

Thanks to air support in the form of a Valkyrie loaded with murderous Bullgryn we were able to put some distance between our pursuers and our forces.

Lt. Clyne, the ace pilot that he is, flew right into the Sister's front line, dropping the Bullgryn, and tying up a couple of their Repressors.

Our transports tried to keep moving, but Red Team's chimera came under heavy fire and had to emergency unload it's troops into a nearby ruin. Sadly, they fell to Storm Bolter fire shortly after... The relic was loaded on that damn Chimera too.

Things were not looking good for us, but we had to keep moving.

Green and Blue Team made it further and tried their best to stay out of range of the Sister's Repressors. Eventually Green Team also had to disembark into another ruin.

Along with Commissar Sevrina Yarrick, they attempted to hold off the Sisters with concentrated lasgun fire. Green Team was cut down shortly after when the Sisters entered the ruin and a firefight ensued. Leaving Yarrick alone and facing ten of the battle nuns by herself.

While this was happening, Commander Woods and his Death Riders joined the battle and were able to keep the remaining Repressor and Immolator distracted and out of the fight.

They did their job, but we lost contact with them shortly after. They afforded us was enough time for my Taurox and the remaining Chimera to get into position and support Yarrick. Blue Team then unloaded into the ruin and reinforced the Commissar, first with lasguns and then in melee. 

After a quick tussle the remaining members of Blue Team and Yarrick retreated from combat and embarked on my Taurox. We then made our last ditch effort to escape that god forsaken city with the remaining Chimera and the Valkyrie not far behind.

The day seemed to be lost. But then we heard the sound of a lone bike in the distance.

It was one Commander Wood's Death Riders! And he had some how regained the relic! He linked up with the remnants of our force and zipped past leaving the Sister's far behind.

We have managed to maintain control of the Relic. We are now housing it at Base 41 where we will be keeping it for the time being. Until such time that we can safely move it again, we will be keeping an eye out for potential threats in the meantime.

++ End Transmission ++