Friday, June 7, 2019

The Relic of Smaerd: Obtaining the Relic

Last Wednesday night my friend Daryl and I had a 1,000 point game of Warhammer 40k using my Steel Legion and his new Sisters of Battle army. We played the scenario "The Relic" from the core rulebook and it was a blast.

We started talking about it afterwards and decided to do a narrative rivalry between the two armies over who controls this relic of the Imperium.

I've decided to write up what happened in each game, not so much as a turn by turn battle report but as a journal of events. Keep in mind, that while my army is pretty well assembled and battle ready, his is a deep work in progress and he is still waiting on the new models to release.

As such there some heavy proxying and grey plastic happening in his current army. There's also some on my end too, as I try new units out. But it's all pretty casual and for fun anyway. As we build and paint, it'll all look nicer, but for now it is what it is.

Cool? Cool.

As I mentioned earlier, this week's game was a 1,000 point match and we randomly determined the scenario, which ended up being The Relic. We went with base rulebook scenarios and deployments to keep it simple, since Daryl had never played Sisters before.

Deployments were also chosen from the rulebook and randomly determined. We ended up with the shallow triangle deployment zone, which has each starting area peaked in the middle and 9" from the center of the table.

Let's get to it.

++ Incoming Transmission++

This is Company Commander Flash, of the Steel Legion 82 Mechanised Infantry. I am delivering a debrief on the recent skirmish situation with the Sisters of Battle over control of a Relic of the Imperium.

We had reached the desolated village of Smaerd in the mid afternoon and located the ruins of a cathedral near the center of town. The relic was rumored to be housed there.

Anxious that other forces may also be looking for the Relic of Smaerd, my forces were deployed with Red and Blue squads in their Chimeras flanking my Taurox. On our eastern flank, I hid a Basilisk with Master of Ordinance Braggan, while on our western flank I had Green squad in their Chimera with Death Rider Squadron Commander Wood.

My suspicions were proved correct, when we spied a force of Battle Sisters moving in to also claim the Relic. They had deployed with their Exorcists in ruins on each corner of town, while that bitch Celetsine and her vanguard hid behind an old church. They also deployed troops in Immolators, behind cover, waiting to strike at the ruined cathedral that housed the Relic.

The Sisters made the first move. The Exorcists began pounding the Chimeras of the Red and Green squads. The Battle Sisters closed into the middle of town and prepared to make a run for the cathedral, while Celestine bided her time behind the old church.

Seeing what the Sisters were planning, Red squad  made a dash for the Relic, speeding their Chimera into the old ruin and unloading troops to secure it before the Sisters could reach it. For this, they took some casualties, but were able to shrug it off, like the men I trained them to be.

Knowing that we now controlled their prize, the Sisters closed into the the center of town, bearing down on our forces in an attempt to gain control of it.

With some quick thinking I ordered the Taurox and Blue squad to road block the Sister's vehicles in the town center.

By this time, Celestine made her move and joined us in battle.

Fighting in this sector was fierce and Blue squad came under heavy fire and fell to the combined might of the Immolators and Celestine.

Meanwhile, while Celestine and her rabble were distracted, the remnants of Red squad gathered up the Relic and made a dash for cover. They lost a few more men while escaping, but soon found shelter in  the ruins of an old storehouse.

In the western flank, Green squad rushed towards an abandoned munitions depot for cover. There they began pressing cover fire into the Exorcist in the sector, while Commander Wood charged into battle to harass it.

He kept that damn tank off of us for the entire engagement.

In the Eastern sector, out Basilisk consistently pounded the Exorcist opposing it. Platoon Commander Bucklew revealed himself and his veterans near the river bank. There they assaulted the wounded Exorcist and were able to put it down with melta fire.

When the Exorcist on the western flank was no longer a threat, Wood broke off and attempted to join the fight. But was injured in his charge, losing his mount. Green squad also diverted south to join the remaining Red squad troops and acted as a screen to keep Celestine and her remaining bodyguard from reaching the relic.

In the ensuing chaos of her final assault, red squad was able to load up the Relic into a Chimera, while Celestine bitterly slaughtered Green squad.

We are now trying to out run them.

I will be in communication, once we have secured it in a safe house.

Flash, out.

++ End Transmission ++