Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wizardry in Progress 2/26/20

This week has been a bit on the slower side of things, but I still feel like I've gotten a lot done. This week I worked on the beholder diorama some more, adding a few small details and playing with lighting. More work was also done on Legion models, I painted the roll mode Droideka, which I had originally passed on doing and I've started work on painting the two squad boxes of Clones and B1 Battle Droids that I received at Christmas. Last but not least, I picked up a new combat arm for the Contemptor Dreadnoughts to update the Dreadlist a little bit.

Let's take a look!

Beholder Diorama
Let's start off this week's recap with the Beholder Diorama.

I am getting very close to being ready to paint this bad boy. This week I didn't do much on the terrain itself other than adding a few minor details, some skulls, dropped weapons and a bit more rubble. I still would like to add some flowers to the vines, but haven't found anything that really grabs me yet.

While I try to figure out the flower problem, I've move on and started planning the lighting situation.

The lighting on this piece is going to make or break it. It is as much a character of the model as the beholder and his prey. To help me envision how the light of the lady's lantern would light her surroundings, I decided to use a tea light to illumination the archway that she is hiding under.

I darkened the room and light the led candle, setting it under the arch. It's obviously way brighter than the lantern would be, but it gave me an idea as to how the light would shine. To help simulate moonlight, I pointed one of my desk lamps towards the ceiling and set it to the dimmest setting.

This looks like it'll work out nicely! Now I just need to work on a color scheme for the moonlit areas. Since our eyes don't see the full spectrum of color in darkness, I'll have to do some research on night landscapes to get a feel of what my target is.

There's a long road to go yet.

Star Wars Legion
More Star Wars Legion! This week I started on the Clone Trooper and B1 Battle Droids sets that I reiceived at Christmas as part of the Ho-ho-hobbyvices Secret Santa gift exchange.

After having painted all my other clones with blue markings, I decided that I needed to break up the blue a bit. These troopers I am painting up as Shinies, or rookie Clones who are fresh from the Kamino cloning facilities. I am going to mix them in with the other two squads, giving each unit a mix of plain and marked troopers.

I feel like this way, it's more in line with the Clone Wars series.

On the opposing side, I've painted almost the entire squad of B1 Battle Droids. I left out their special weapons models, for the time being. Mainly because I kinda used one of their bases for Anakin's model.

But, hot damn, these guys paint up so fast. Especially since I am priming them on sprue. It's basically just a matter of dipping them in Skeleton Horde Contrast paint, letting it dry and then some quick drybrush work. I'll never brush on the Contrast layer on the droids ever again, it's that good.

While waiting for Contrast to dry, I decided to put the rolling mode Droideka together and get them painted. In game, you can denote that they are rolling via a token, but the kit gives you rolling Droideka models, so I might as well use them.

Much like their B1 cousins, the Droideka are stupid easy to paint. It's literally just silver drybrushing over black, followed by Gor Grunta Fur and Flesh Tearers Red layered over top of each other on the armor plating.

Tonight is my first ever game of Legion, using the starting set rules. I am beyond hyped to get some games going!

Contemptor Dreadnought Power Fist
Adepticon is fast approaching and with it the Dreads will march again!

This time, thanks to points changes I've reworked the Dreadlist and added in the 2nd Contemptor Dreadnought. I've decided to forgo the Autocannon in favor of dual close combat weapons, one being the original chainfist and the other a plain power fist.

These boys are melee beasts and it's going to be a good time getting them on the table.

I've currently got two lists planned for them, one being the Dreadlist and the other being a list with them allied with the Steel Legion mechanized infantry.

All I have to say is, thank god for my recipe book! With it, I was able to color match the original color scheme almost dead on.

It's gonna be a good time.

But, that's it for this week. Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter and Instagram.

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