Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wizardry in Progress - 2/5/20

Well well, what is this?


I've not done one of these in a long time, even though projects have been getting worked on. Let's go over some projects that I've been working on over the last few weeks.

Death Riders

Let's kick it off with these boyos!

The Death Riders projects is complete, as of Monday! They've been varnished, magged and dusted with weathering pigments and are now ready for battle.

It's been a great project to work on and I'll have a more indepth write up on them this coming Monday, in Miniature Monday. So be sure to come back then and check that out.

Beholder Diorama

Over the last few weeks I've been tweaking around with this diorama, which has been an idea in my head for at least 5 years.

This piece came about thanks to the Kingdom Death model Beyond the Wall. In the model, the female adventurer is hiding behind a wall and trying to cover up her lantern as she tries to stay out of sight of whatever is hunting her.

I love that model, she's visibly distressed and her armor is missing/falling apart. She's left with a dagger to defend herself, while she covers her lamp with her barehand to block the light.

The idea that there's something hunting her always stuck with me. What was it? Is she alone or is she acting as a diversion for her friends?

Originally I had planned on going overboard and bought Khanjira from Reaper Miniatures to act as the threat. But it was way too big. Then, a year or so ago WizKids released their Beholder miniature as part of their line of D&D miniatures.

That miniature sold me and I knew I found my villain.

The only thing left to figure out was the setting. I had thought of crafting my own terrain for this piece. But then I remembered I had a box set of Dragons Don't Share from Reaper Miniatures. The staircase from it was the ideal setting and one of the archways would be a perfect hiding space for her. While part of the tower section worked wonderfully for a bit of backdrop.

Stay tuned for this one, there's lots of progress to go on it yet. I'm planning to add foliage and vegetation to the terrain this week and some ground cover as well. It's going to be painted in a low key too, so everything needs to be in place before priming.

Voxcaster Bros

The Steel Legion project is wrapping up for now, but there's something I forgot I needed and that's some Voxcaster infantry for two of my squads. Since I run the Vigilus Defiant Emperor's Blade detachment, I need voxcasters in my infantry squads in order to give them orders from the warlord's vehicle.

That was a simple enough task to do. I just needed to order the voxcaster upgrades from Forge World and had an infantry squad laying around already for possible bikeification.

I wish I had some of the kneeling troops left, but that set of models is now OOP on Forge World's site. Sadness. Instead, I went for a couple of fellas where were crouched as much as possible, to give the impression that they are taking cover while relaying orders.

Commander Farsight


I've recently gotten a hankering to paint up some Tau battle suits. I was lucky enough to get this Commander Farsight model given to me by a friend of mine and soon I'll be getting to work on him between other projects.

Mars Tower

Another project that has been sitting off to the side for a bit is this tower for my Mars theme terrain set.

This piece was spawned from a Kill Team game, where I mixed the tower with some Sector Mechanicus pipes and scenery. I loved the look so much that I decided that Fantasy and Sci-Fi must collide on my table! So hopefully this is the first of many WHFB/40k terrain mash ups.

Keeping in the theme of using real world parts in my terrain projects. This piece features an old fan assembly from my furnace. It had gone bad last spring and when I finally found a replacement at the end of summer it got set aside for use later.

Boy am I glad I did. Look at that beast! I can't wait to get it painted up.

That's it for now. There's a lot of things happening so far this year and I'll try my hardest to keep up the updates.

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