Thursday, July 16, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Arrives! - Wave 2

Wave 2 of Super Dungeon Explore has finally arrived! Wave 1 came in back in April, and I did an unboxing write up on the set. Now, three months later and with the rest of it in hand, it's time to go around again! It's been a long week, I got my tracking number on Saturday and have been madly refreshing it for the last 5 days.
I'm glad that this arrived when it did. I'm just now starting to paint the Van Drakk Manor minis and
inside this shipment was the last of the Rattlebones minis that I needed. Since I'm going to be painting all the bones at the same time, I needed them on hand so I could keep the color scheme as close as possible.

If you don't remember, my Forgotten King pledge looked like this:

1x Always Super Pledge
1x Emerald Valley Warband
1x Stilt Town Zombies Warband
1x Claws of the Wyrm Warband
1x Tabbybrook Mage
1x Deeproot Wolf Rider
1x Twilight Knight
1x Kobold Exemplar
1x Bag o' Squirrels
1x Dungeon Tiles: Dungeons of Crystalia (Includes Bag o' Slimes)
1x Dungeon Tiles: Van Drakk Ghost House (Includes Bag o' Rattlebones)
1x Goro (Includes 6x Giri creeps)

I already had recieved the Always Super pledge in Wave 1, which included the base game and all the freebie items that we unlocked. So I was only waiting on the paid add-ons.

The shipment was sent in a larger outer box and within was my Bag o' Squirrels and another bundled box, which contained everything else. When I opened that box up, I was surprised to find everything in their retail packaging!

Its awesome that the Wave 2 stuff came with it's retail packaging. It also put to rest a small worry I had a few months ago. "What if
they ship us the models and then retail comes with new Treasure Cards?" Well, I knew it was a pointless question, because from a business standpoint that would be a horrible thing to do to you Kickstarter fans. But I tend to think of stupid shit to worry about and I'm glad that that is now an answered question.

So, here we go, rest of the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Kickstarter rewards!

Dungeons of Crystalia Tile Pack

Something that has been asked for, forever. New tiles! These tiles follow a theme similar to the original game's tiles: The Crystal Caves. Also, these new tiles come with the new Slime creep minis. These guys are nasty too, they disable Loot and Treasure of the matching color. The are made of a transparent plastic. At first I was going to just paint their eyes, but now I think I need to actually paint them fully.

Von Drakk Ghost House Tile Pack

These tiles were added to the KS after the campaign closed, and when they announced them I was so, so hyped for them. We didn't get to see much of them before the Pledge Manager closed, but I knew I needed them. They have two different locales on them, gloomy manor grounds and the inside of the manor itself. It's perfect for those games where you're running the Von Drakk minis, no more undead in fire caverns! They are bundled with Rattlebones, which were originally an enemy mini in the Van Drakk expansion. In Forgotten King, they been downgraded to creep status, and I think it fits well. Including my original 4, I now have 16 Rattlebones to use in games.

Bag o' Squirrels

The Bag o' Squirrels wasn't a completely necessary purchase. But I knew I wanted more than the base set's allotment of them. And since I wasn't sure how many I'd need in a game, I figured having a few extras wouldn't hurt.

Deeproot Wolf Rider

This guy is cool, and he's HUGE. He's easily the largest hero in the game (not counting the hero version of Ser Sharpclaw) I'm not sure I like his wolf though, it seems proportioned strangely. 

Twilight Knight

The Twilight Knight is a crossover with Kingdom Death: Monster. You may remember, that during the Relic Knights campaign, Kingdom Death was also going on. As part of a cross promotion, Kingdom Death added Soda Pop's Candy to their game and to return the favor, Kingdom Death's Twilight Knight was added to Super Dungeon Explore. She's cool, for sure. 

Tabbybrook Mage

A cat girl wizard? Yes please. I wasn't sure on her, based on the picture of the mini on the Kickstarter page. But after getting her in hand and looking her over, I really have started to like her. I welcome any extra spell casters into the game, a lot of the time my groups go melee heavy. So I'm all for new options that make them want to try something different.

Ser Snapjaw

Ser Snapjaw was actually a GenCon prerelease mini, but the GenCon model was made of resin. I'm not sure on resin for gaming, I know a lot of folks love the stuff, but it just seems fragile to me. This version is regular plastic and I am perfectly fine with that. I imagine, he'll be seeing a lot of game time too, since he's playable as a Mini-boss or Player Character.


Goro is the game's first ever, non-expansion pack Boss monster. Meaning, he's not part of a box set like Roxor, Von Drakk or Forgotten King are. He's got a Cheshire Cat look to him and I think it's a safe bet that many folks will paint him up that way. He also comes with more Giri, which were part of the freebie rewards in Wave 1.  He does come with a lot of stuff though, including Explore cards specific to his dungeons and new Treasure cards.

Emerald Valley Warband

Warband boxes are the new expansion boxes. Each comes with a new hero, a new mini-boss and a double spawning point. They are designed around Soda Pop's PVP mode for SDE, called Arena. This box set includes the Faerie Dragon Glimmerwing and more forest dwelling critters (Mushroom People and Wild Boars) plus the new heroine Silver Chevalier. The spear on mine is slightly bent though and will need to be fixed. 

Stilt Town Zombies Warband

Stilt Town Zombies is another warband pack, this one adds more undead for your Von Drakk games (hype)! It included the giant zombie mini-boss, Gruesome George along with a bunch of zombies and a voodoo priest. The Heroine in this one is none other than a chibified Marie-Claude, who is known for her cosplay of various Soda Pop characters. Also included is a new pet! Mr. Bitey, the zombie bunny. 

Claws of the Wyrm Warband

More Kobolds. But it's not all bad, these guys look bad ass, and even includes Ser Sharpclaw, who is riding on a large drake. I really like the handlers and their pet drakes too and it'll be nice get a different batch of Kobolds on the table. The hero of this box is the Dragon Blade, who is kind of a dragoon looking character. His mini is awesome, but his cloak is freaking huge. I picture lots of issues with arranging minis in his future. I think I'm going to paint the drakes up like my Starfire dragons. Not sure yet.

That's it! All of the Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King - Wave 2 rewards! With these, I now have 23 tiles to choose from (46 total sides), and the players have a whopping 52 heroes to play! But the consul now has waaay more options when selecting spawning points, Mini-Bosses and Bosses too. 

But, that's not all. I thought it would be fun to see all of the KS rewards in one shot, so here's a pic of all the minis released in this Kickstarter, along with another shot of all the paper stuffs as well. 

I haven't done a count on total models across all of the expansions. But I do know I have my paint work cut out for me.