Monday, July 25, 2016

Circle Oroboros Commission Complete!

The Circle Oroboros commission is now finished! All of the painting was done on Wednesday and I managed to finish up the basing just before I headed out to my Warmahordes group meet up. It was a fun project and it's always nice to see the owner's face when they finally get to see them in person.

I tried to follow the official artwork a bit closer than usual for these, though I don't use Priveteer Press' P3 paints. I also learned a new technique for doing the green on their armor as well, but the tutorial I was following seemed to only really work for larger surface areas and not the smaller armor of human size figures.

In the end, everything turned out well and the finished product was well recieved by their owner and the rest of the members of our group.

Lets get started by looking at the Warlocks in the set

Kromac the Ravenous

Out of all of the Warlocks, I think this guy is one of the coolest. But when painting him, I had a really hard time reading the miniature's surface. It also didn't help that I had to paint two versions of him at the same time, but luckily the larger beast form model helped in figuring out what was what on the smaller model.

Kromac the Ravenous (Beast form)

The beast form version of Kromac was a bit easier to read, but since he was all metal, holding him was kind of awkward and I almost dropped him a few time. During painting I ended up snapping off his head to fix a minor gap issue as well.

Krueger the Stormwrath

Krueger has always been one of my favorite Circle models and if I had stuck with them, he'd probably be my main. So when the option to paint him came up, I had to do it. I painted him after Kromac and in comparision it seemed like he was a whole lot simpler.

Morvahna the Dawnshadow

I saved Morvahna for last, mostly because I am always leery about painting horses and similar animals. When I first saw it, I knew I'd be painting up the mount as a gazelle and I think it turned out pretty solid. Also I painted her and her steed separately, making it easier to get solid coverage without missing areas.

Now that we have the Warlocks out of the way, lets take a look at the two Heavy Warbeasts in the set, the Ghetorix and the Warpwolf Stalker.


The Ghetorix is a pretty cool model and he turned out really nice. Like Kromac, he's metal and since I'm not used to holding heavy models anymore, it felt awkward trying to flip him around quickly. It was during this mini that I realized that Kromac's weapons should have been stone as well, but since he was already sealed I didn't want to risk ruining him.

Warpwolf Stalker

The Warpwolf Stalker was much easier to handle, compared to Kromac or Ghetorix, since he's all plastic. For his main body, I decided to drybrush all of the skin tones on, rather than try to define each model. Plus the roughness of the brush strokes help give him a little bit of a fur look. It was on this mini that I started doing the official lacquered bronze color schemefor the armor plates. Thanks to the larger armor plates, it really popped too.

And that's it! I finished them all off with a mix of Green Grass and Scorched Grass static grass and painted all of their front arcs with Warpstone Glow. I'm really happy with how they turned out and their owner was as well.

They've already seen table time too, and the first match was my Cryx vs Kromac, Ghetorix and the Warpwolf Stalker. It was a pretty close match too.

That's it for this commission and now I can get back to my stuff, until the next one crops up.