Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WIP - Starting on the Rangers

Th Skitarii train keeps on chugging and I am now working on the five man squad of Rangers.

Originally, I had planned on customizing the entire squad with T'au Pathfinder legs. But after totally ruining a few of my original Ranger models, I decided against it. Leaving me with a single crouched sniper in the group.

I had thought I'd ruined them completely, but I was able to salvage a squad of five out of the ones I had left and a second squad of five. This turned out to be a good thing anyway, as the new squad looks more as if they are surveying for targets.

The first order of business was to attempt a lower half of a coat on the crouched sniper, luckily I had
the always amazing Sophie to help me. She gave me a bunch of pointers and advice on how to go about sculpting a coat with green stuff.

While talking it all over, we both realized that I was without the proper tools for sculpting the coat without frustration, and she decided to lend me her tools while she was on vacation.

Since I had sculpting down time, while I waited for tools to arrive, I began painting the rest of the unit, starting with base coats for metal, coats, wood and leather.

Once the base coats were dry, I went through and knocked out all of the green and copper on them in a unit, so I could then focus on one Ranger at a time.

I started with the dude carrying the Omnispex, because I liked his pose. He's still not finished yet though, as I've ended up busy over the last few days and last night the tools arrived, so I started playing with green stuff all night long.

More on that later, but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you've probably already seen the sculpting work.

Until next time!