Thursday, September 21, 2017

Announcing Hobbyistgirl and the Brush Wizard on Twitch!

Big news everyone!

After a couple months of talking about it and figuring out all the details, Sophie and I are starting a Twitch stream!

You may have noticed, I've mentioned Sophie before. She is the evil mastermind behind hobbyistgirl (twitter and website) and while she doesn't agree, she's pretty awesome and talented in general.

When the Rainbow Warriors Project first started in May, we began hanging out on a near nightly basis. We would talk over Skype or the phone while working on our dreadnoughts, bouncing ideas off each other, bullshitting about random subjects and giving each other feedback.

While joking one night she suggested we make a Twitch stream out of our nightly banter and I agreed, even though I've never done any streaming before, had no idea how to do it and have always disliked being in front a camera.

I'd had friends ask me why I never streamed my painting and my answer usually was that it was probably boring watching someone else paint and I'm generally timid in front of cameras any way. Plus, since most of the time I was painting with Sophie, it seemed weird to stream while talking to her on the phone.

When Sophie asked about it, I was like OK, if we could get it working where we both were streaming simultaneously it could possibly work. But I still needed some more talking into it.

Her selling point was basically,"we're funny people, it would be like one of those morning zoo crew radio shows!" She also was really excited about the idea and I couldn't resist the enthusiasm.

So, we've been working on gathering all the tools we would need, webcams, microphones and the actual broadcasting software. This is also the main reason that I bought extra lamps.

The biggest hurdle was getting both of our video feeds streaming to the same channel.

Unfortunately, since we are in completely different locations (she lives in New York and I am in Michigan) we can't just stream two cameras from one PC to one Twitch channel.

For the time being we are using a work around thanks to the site It's not the optimum solution, but Sophie is working on something that should make it much easier on everyone to be able to watch us both simultaneously.

Until that hurdle is crossed, you can catch us on Mondays and Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm EST on our tentatively titled Twitch show Hobbyistgirl and the Brush Wizard on