Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tech-Priest Dominus Conversion

Shortly after I came back from GenCon, I was able to finish the custom Tech-Priest Dominus I had mentioned previously and been plastering all over social media.

I had actually taken him to GenCon with me, in case I had a chance for some free time to sit and just paint. The only time I was able to was on the first night, when I wasn't sure what to do with myself and didn't think I had anyone to hang out with.

When I returned from GenCon, I left him sit for a bit longer and about a week or two later I finally put him back on the table and got to work finishing him up.

After finishing building him, the plan was to add a robe to him. I was going to cover his head with a cowl, but I really loved the Datasmith head that I used for him and didn't want to cover it up. Instead, I used some green stuff and sculpted a folded down hood behind his head and around the front to help cover up join of the head and upper chest socket.

As I'd already glued him all together, sculpting the robe where it came out of the upper body proved to be a pain in the ass. I managed to get it in place as best as I could, but if you look closely at it, it is definitely not the greatest job.

Another challenge was the tails of the robe and trying to get them to lay on the lower body and then drape over the rear. I'd never done anything like it, and only had sculpted one replacement robe for a Skitarii Ranger at that point. But it came out pretty nice and I'm happy with it.  
Priming him proved to be a real challenge, due to all the little crevasses and hard to reach areas. As with all of my Admech, I've started from a black base coat which makes doing the metals and greens a lot easier. 

This was the last model I painted with my old copper recipe, before coming up with my new one.  It's also the model where I noticed my copper becoming a lot more brass looking and the reason why I needed to rework the colors I was using.

Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to repaint the Admech models I have finished already since they also have been sealed and weathered. I've done some comparisons and its not that noticeable of a difference, especially if they two coppers are a fair distance away from each other.

The cloaks, while painted with the same steps of Caliban Green, Nuln Oil, Warpstone Glow and Moot Green, were done a bit differently.

I had painted them much like I did my Vanguard's robes. But it looked off. I ended up redoing them and doing more mixing and layering than I had on the infantry.

I also made sure that the green stayed darker on the tails of the robe, after they dropped off the body.

One of my favorite parts of this model are the glass jars on his back. I knew when I first saw the original Tech-Priest Dominus model that I'd need to paint them up as if they were transparent and had had liquid in them.

I've attempted this before, with the first try being on the Fae Alchemist for Super Dungeon Explore and the most recent on the potion bottles for the Tabbybrook Mage that I took to Adepticon.

For the most part, I've had middling success with the technique and it seemed to work better on smaller objects. But these were fairly large jars and I knew I needed to just take my time with them and work it out.

The end results are something I am very proud of, especially since I was able to work out the technique just by looking at examples of other painted miniatures and real life samples. I feel like I've gotten a good grasp on it and once I work out a few more kinks, I might throw up a tutorial on it.

His computer console was painted up with a green/black screen. Much like the screens I painted on my Sydonian Dragoon and it will be something that pops up whenever possible in the army. It reminds me of old Apple II computers and it feels so fitting in an Admech army.

That's really pretty much it for now. The zoomed out pictures don't do him justice though, so I've taken a bunch of close up shots of him.