Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Miniature Monday: Grim, Dwarf Barbarian

This is a special Miniature Monday, as I can now fully share this fella. He is a dwarf barbarian for my buddy's son, who plays D&D with us every other Sunday.

This isn't his first RPG experience with us, he played RuneQuest with us as well. But, since his birthday rolled around recently, I decided to paint him up a character miniature to give to him for D&D since that's the game we're playing currently.

For Grim, I wanted to paint him up in mostly browns. He's a barbarian, and I wanted it to looked like he was decked out in leathers and bear pelts and I tried painting his skin to look rough and as if he'd spent much time in the wilds.

Since I didn't have any input on what Chance thinks his character looks like, I went with black hair.

He originally was fighting with a battleaxe, which I swapped out for a warhammer. In game, we found an artifact warhammer that he has been using more often than his battleaxe.

Sadly, I didn't have a really fancy looking hammer in my miniatures collection and had to go with this one. But, it fits the overall look of the character well, so that's a good thing.

Overall, this guy was a quick paint job and I had attempted to record it, but the video came out choppy for some reason and I had to pitch it.

I was finally able to hand him off on Sunday before our game started. I grabbed Chance's dice box and slipped him inside.

He opened it up to see what I put in there and was immediately taken aback by the miniature. It was a great feeling seeing him look it over and get excited about it.

The group passed it around and looked at it and then we started playing.

After the game, he said that he was going to use him for the big bad guy in the game that he is running for his friends too. That's awesome.